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  1. aj0073
    aj0073 Alee
    Stafford vandals if you ask me. I had an oap crash into my door theother day on purpose because me front wheel slightly overlapped a dropped kerb ;0
  2. PeterD
    Usually tired.
  3. Andy A
    Andy A Carole
    I dont need any fabric now Carole but thank you v much all the same nicelady ;) x
  4. shilly
    shilly Admin
    Can you tell me how to delete my account please
  5. shilly
    shilly Admin
    Can you delete all my for sale posts please.
  6. UltraSBM
    Browsing like I'm working...
  7. emma rowbottom
    emma rowbottom
    ofsted registered childminder rated GOOD.Open Monday to Friday 7:30 till 6. spaces available from birth to 8 years plus.
  8. Bella
    Bella Carole
    Hi Carole I need to talk to you about Mark Jackson Bella.
  9. Sir BoD
    Sir BoD
    Ainsley Harriott's cous cous taste tester
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  10. Eastgate Homebrew
    Eastgate Homebrew
    Time to gets all your spring brews going come down and have a look around at whats new.
  11. Eastgate Homebrew
    Eastgate Homebrew
    Time to get your spring brew going
  12. Rah rah
    Rah rah tek-monkey
    Yes he uses variations of the double barrel. He is known to the police so Of course he needs a way round licensing.
  13. Rah rah
    Rah rah tek-monkey
    This is typical of how it’s been done over and over. He will be working on his next one now. I’m surprised no one posts his face all over the bet so everyone knows what he’s doing.
    1. tek-monkey
      I believe he goes by several names, Lloyd Perkins and Lloyd Waldron Perkins being 2 more
      Mar 23, 2018
  14. Rah rah
    Rah rah tek-monkey
    Hi, I seen you commented on the living rooms. I’m interested in this. This con man has pulled this stunt time over. It’s been going on for many years.
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    3. Rah rah
      Rah rah
      Yes I read the thread. He has been pulling this con and others for many years. Ruining people’s lives and lively hoods.
      Mar 23, 2018
    4. tek-monkey
      Mar 23, 2018
    5. Rah rah
      Rah rah
      Thank you. This thread was really useful. It certainly the usual roll out.
      Mar 25, 2018
  15. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    "Data Manipulator Extraordinaire"......lets do it big boy
  16. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    I DO wanna see your snake.....even in your sea of uncertainty
  17. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    Come on James....youre usually quick to reply to any forum....you asked me to be public so I am...happy to bring this thread back to life and get the real issue back to the publics attention...I can see you keep reading the messages and must be giving the matter some consideration....BE TRUE TO YOUR CONVICTION....lets have a pop!!! Cant wait to see what your employers think of our righteous beliefs!!
  18. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    Good to see you again James....happy to meet up and vent all that online frustration?
  19. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    Boo.....I’m right behind you
    1. tek-monkey
      So you're a jack russel? Well I never expected that!
      Mar 14, 2018
  20. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    Forgive me everyone I contacted tek “monkey” in December but he didn’t want to play....I’m not sure his employers would be happy with his online behaviour