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New Profile Posts

  1. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    Boo.....I’m right behind you
    1. tek-monkey
      So you're a jack russel? Well I never expected that!
      Mar 14, 2018
  2. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    Forgive me everyone I contacted tek “monkey” in December but he didn’t want to play....I’m not sure his employers would be happy with his online behaviour
  3. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    Hi James....let’s meet up....it’s time you came out of the shadows and said what you think in person
  4. CJTheBrave
    Livin' the dream !!
  5. SarahC
    SarahC tek-monkey
    Ive found you james.....
    1. tek-monkey
      You've been here a year and a half, is this post supposed to worry me? Your old posts may have been deleted from the main site but the archive still exists, I'm well aware of who you are. I'll leave it up to you if we make your reappearance public.
      Dec 30, 2017
  6. Jon
    Jon Carole
    how do i private message you
  7. Jon
    Jon Carole
    Hi Carole
  8. Roy
    Kody is a 7 year old male would love new friends for walks etc or an aunty for holidays.
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  9. Maryland
    Maryland c0tt0nt0p
    It's a bit late I know, but is your bike rack still available? If so, I'd gladly take it off your hands.
  10. Maryland
    1. c0tt0nt0p
      Hi Sian, yes it's still available, would you like it dropping off at some point today ?
      Sep 4, 2017
  11. KencoPlenco
    wow i haven't been on this in a long time, lots of messages
  12. I A Gardens
    I A Gardens
    Landscaping, Gardening & general property maintenance. Call 07508244771 for a free quote!
  13. Merrypigs
    Wheek wheek!
  14. tuttle
    tuttle tek-monkey
    hi is there anyway I can message you private?
  15. The Stafford Beast
  16. MGEE
    MGEE shoes
    Hello Ben
    I'm just in Eccleshall but if it's OK I'd rather come there and I could make it any day except today and also next Thursday might be difficult
    But any other time morning afternoon or evening to suit you would be great
    Kind regards
  17. MGEE
    MGEE shoes
    Hello Shoes.
    My car just failed its MOT and one issue is 'both headlights no beam - pattern fail'
    The headlamps are everso vloudy and discoloured
    Just a moment ago I stumbled across your posts about your new headlamp restoration service
    So I joined this forum to ask you whether you could do mine please
    1. shoes likes this.
    2. shoes
      Hi MGEE!

      Yes I certainly can, where are you based?

      Kind regards

      Aug 19, 2016
  18. anomalyaos
    Still dreaming
  19. hacarya
    hacarya magda_xxx
    Hi Magda. I hear you do dress alterations. I'm looking for someone to alter my daughters prom dress. Her prom is tue July 11th. If you think you could help could you let me know. Many thanks. Sarah
  20. Camtheman
    Camtheman Gramaisc
    Trangia gas burner threaded bit! Did you find out the answer?!