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Cuffy / Skill Stafford customer service thread - Stafford retailers reports

Discussion in 'Stafford Chat' started by Sofa, Oct 2, 2007.

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    May 25, 2008
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    Off topic? Shocking behaviour...

    A friend of mine worked for Burgess Oil - he had a works Sierra estate, packed with valuable gear. It failed on a motorway miles away and was towed to a garage, who claimed they could fix it, but it would be a few days. Whilst waiting for a lift back here, he spent the whole time labouring the point that it must be kept inside overnight - they had a car on the ramp, blocking access, but swore that they would put it in overnight. He was very sceptical of this promise and was convinced that it was going to be stolen. Arriving in the office the next morning, the phone was ringing - he had a premonition...

    It was the garage - "You're going to tell me that you did leave it outside and it's been stolen, aren't you?" - "No, I'm going to tell you that we did put it inside overnight, and the garage has burnt down"

    A chap I worked with was honoured with having a brand spanking new company car - on the day it was delivered, we had one of our continuous panics going on and it was necessary for it to be used to go and collect something - an apprentice was detailed for the trip. He was not someone I would have let drive my car - he stuffed it through a caravan near Hilton Park and "woke up in a corn field, with a copper reading him his rights, and surrounded by flakes of chipboard and scattered underpants."

    I went to see the erstwhile 'owner', just after the scale of the event had become clear - all he had left was the spare set of keys, which he glanced at, mumbling "I never even sat in it..."
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