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Stafford and Stone Citizens Advice Bureau - Opening Times

Discussion in 'Stafford Chat' started by arthur, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. arthur Member

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    May 17, 2011
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    We have lots of people tell us that they cannot get through to us on the telephone and they do not know what time the CAB is open so I thought that the forum would be a good place to put the CAB opening times details

    County advice line 08 444 111 444 operates Mon -Fri - 16.30pm

    Stafford office drop in assessment service Mon Tues and Friday -12.30 then 1pm - 2.30
    Stafford Office telephone service on 01785 258 673 Thurs -12.30 then 1pm - 2.30

    Stone Office app only service - app made through any of the telephone numbers
    Stone telephone number 10785 814 806 Thurs -12.30 then 1pm - 2.30

    Outreach services
    Drop in service Signpost centre Auden Way (Opposite West Way shops) Thurs -12.30 then 1pm - 2.30
    Drop in service Silkmore Children’s Centre Exeter Street (next to Silkmore School) Thurs -12.00
    Drop in service Stafford Borough Council Civic Office Tues till 12.00

    We deal with:
    Debt. - Drop in and we can book an app with a debt specialist
    Housing. - Drop in and we can book an app with a housing specialist
    Benefit. - Drop in and we can book an app with a benefit specialist

    Our general advice service deals with debt, welfare benefits, housing, family and relationship - consumer - utility problems - tax credit overpayments, consumer, legal issues and discrimination
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    thanks! just what i needed!

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