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    Can you play flute or drum?

    We started last year as a Corps of Drums and have travelled the length and breadth of the UK and now we are looking for new members. We are looking for people interested in playing flute and drum music from 15th - 21st century though you may have to don a dopey uniform to fit in wi the rest of...
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    Catering Staff Required

    For Christmas Parties and Panto , can you work evenings and weekends, may be a full time job in it for you if you can cut the mustard, email
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    Free Flutes

    Yes, that's what we are looking for to help with Stafford's very own corps of drums band. We desperately need some flutes. So if you used to play one 20 years ago and were thinking of giving it to your mate for the car boot, chuck it over here. Or if you child said they had to have one for...
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    Flute palyers and drummers welcome.

    It was supposed to read 'Players', but my keyboard is knackered.
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    Flute palyers and drummers welcome.

    Stafford Corps of Drums have started the new year rehearsals in the British Legion Building in Eastgate Street, every thursday at 7.30pm. Any Flute, picollo or fife players and drummers welcome. visit us and help us fly the flag at
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    Frankie and Benny's

    I dont know, it sounds too much like a kids play barn to me. I appreciate that regeneration is needed in Stafford and it will help employ more people, but do we really need another eatery? Will it take trade off existing outlets and will those businesses cut their labour force in favour of an...
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    New Addition to Town Centre furniture.

    I was horrified to discover a week ago that the County Council had sited about a dozen or so new grey street lamps in the town centre. There is one bang in the middle of the square, beside the Mr potato man, one outside the Rose and Crown and if you see one, you will spot all the rest. My main...
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    Deluxe Chocolate Fountain for Hire

    I said luxury..It's actually Belgian calletts, I tried Fairtrade flakes of dark chocolate but it didn't run well and gunged the machine up. However I do buy Fairtrade tea, Coffee, Bananas, Liquorice bars and biscuits, etc. The Chocolate bars are ok, but it would cost about £600 just to fill the...
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    wedding venues

    The Gatehouse Theatre do weddings most weekends over the summer and in fact there is one on this Saturday. The Wedding Co-ordinators are very thorough and professional and you won't break the bank.
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    I'm going to see a great young Folk band from Newcatle Upon Tyne called Kerfuffle, they are on at the Gatehouse on Friday. If you enjoy traditional English Folk Music, you can't miss this.
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    shop to rent

    I have been looking for a space for a new green business venture but they are all too expensive in the town. I may have to purchase a big lorry and drive it around the communities instead.
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    : : : R O B B E D W H I L E A T H O M E : : :

    I feel for your mate. It's not nice when you have to come face to face with someone who wants your stuff. I used to have a pub in Moss Side called the Whitworth and one night I awoke to a shadow of a man climbing up my window. It was a big sash window and the top part had a small window. My...
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    Jobs , Vacancies

    I hear that the Theatre are currently advertising for the following posts. Caretaker - 7am to 11.30am 5 days a week inc every other Saturday Part time House Manager - 20 hours a week, mostly evenings Food & Beverage Supervisor - 37 hours, flexible work pattern, days and some...
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    Professional Catering for your event.

    If you are planning a party with catering or would just like a buffet for a meeting, please consider Gatehouse Catering based at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre. We cater for all events, are very competitive and depending on the service you require, we can travel to anywhere in the West Midlands...
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    Deluxe Chocolate Fountain for Hire

    We have a professional Chocolate Fountain which cost £1600 and would be willing to hire it for £150. The Hire includes an operator for two hours to ensure everthing runs smoothly, five dips each for 60 guests and a full fountain of luxurious Belgian Chocolate. We will travel up to 10 miles...