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    Stafford music - Music from or inspired by Stafford

    funny you should start this thread mate, i was chating about something along these lines earlier today. did you know that the bassist from the now defunct 'the rakes' was from penkridge? also, if anyone would like to we (the lines) are headlining the 3,500 capacity civic hall in wolverhampton...
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    New member hello!

    i have been accused of being a southerner now...
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    New member hello!

    it appears i've been tagged in this. hello wolveforum, are you planning on doing owt with the local music scene?
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    Car headlights/lack of them in stafford

    the difference is between your headlightts and your dipped headlights. i've made that mistake when buying bulbs, like a clown
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    Charity pests in Stafford? AKA Chuggers

    chuggers are unfortunately on comission, if you pay attention you'll notice it's the same people doing it for a different charity from week to week. it's a shame they have a job, but they do try to guilt trip you into signing up to a direct debit. I'm fairly certain i've even had someone say...
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    lost log book

    winner, i'm not looking at getting rid of the motor anytime soon, so i'll just wait for the new style. and they were probably looking to update the log books to make them less easy to counterfit anyway, the theft of some proably just forced the issue
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    lost log book

    like a clown it appears i've lost my log book. does anyone else have any experience of this? and can i get another one for free? (n.b. i've had a look on the dvla website and it says it should cost me 25 quid, but i'm hoping there's a trick someone else knows) ta in advance
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    Scrapping the 50% Tax Rate!

    there's a growing disparity in income, savings and cash between those at the top and those at the bottom. the general idea of the 50p tax rate to try to combat this is a good thing in theory, but in practice it doesn't work due to a number of things, primarily the ability of those at the top to...
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    Live music around and about

    i do like the OBJ, but the sugarmill up hanley is the best venue of it's size in the country in my opinion there's also the various council owned venues in wolverhampton and further afield is the o2 academy in birmingham. i believe there's a band playing there on May 5th you should all go...
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    The Lines on Tour in May

    you can also have a listen to a short clip of the single which will be released around this tour if you head to
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    The Lines on Tour in May

    hello one and all, we're on tour in May, most local gig will be birmingham on Saturday May 5th, but if you keep an eye on there will be a competition to get to see us in your living room (if you were that way inclined)
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    These karma points

    if you're the sort of person who counts how many friends they have on facebook, or how many followers they have on twitter, then i can understand why you may get concerned by the points. if you have more important things in your life, however, you will forget about them quickly enough. hows...
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    These karma points

    don't worry, they're fairly meaningless. i've had points taken off me before and i have no idea why. they're not being used in the newer forum anyways, which admin will happily tell you when it is
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    Mr Cameron's argument

    given that heads of service who work in local government are still able to to get their bonus after going over their budget by getting on for 2 million pounds this wouldn't surprise me in the slightest...
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    to be honest, i've taken a lot on board through this thread, about how this idea of a 'higher being' is entrenched in us from a young age through society, often our family, schooling, etc, and it has got me thinking a lot more about how why we do have that belief. i'm aware that religion does...