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    2 year life. They're likely to be the old type - throat and nose, 30 minute result. If you struggle to swab your throat, you can swab 10 seconds in each nostril as an alternative. The newer ones are nasal only , 15 minute result. I too can deliver the new ones if you preferred them If you...
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    All LFT tests, past and present, are Antigen tests - rapid ones. Pharmacies have been restricted via the code system as they get paid for each box handed out.
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    Band Names.

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    if you do need LFTs you can pick them up from the Kingston Centre if pharmacies have run out too
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    Gigs at Bingley Hall

    Queen Bon Jovi before they became mega famous ACDC
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    If you can get to the Kingston centre you can pick them up from there. Test first, explanation of the process and you can pick up a kit of 7. This is open to all parents/guardians and people working with children. Today we're open from 12:40 - 7:15. Booking preferred but not essential...
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    Nostalgia - What are your memories of Stafford?

    I was in Props when I first heard Welcome to the Jungle by GnR - great late night drinking establishment
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    Who's had a rubbish day?

    Tell everyone he's a slinky. Only entertaining when pushed down the stairs
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    Future of the Kingston Centre

    I'd suggest getting a test to find out where it is...... Come and see me on Sunday and all next week. GOV and SCC recommendation is twice a week if you're out and about
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    If you are at work with the general public, the recommendation is 2 tests per week. Kingston is open 7 days a week
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    Agreed Do you have a weekly test?
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    For Sale 2008 FORD KA (81,000miles / MOT'd August) £395

    If it doesn't go, I'll have it. Daughters car regularly playing up so great replacement
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    For Sale Asus 24inch monitor with built in speakers and webcam

    so a poor attempt at subliminal advertising....
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    Thanks for the feedback and for getting tested. 1pm timing info from the vaccine volunteer marshalls at the gate? If so I'll re-align them on our daily timings.
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    For Sale Asus 24inch monitor with built in speakers and webcam

    Dead pixels on new one?