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    Brick walls

    Right, I could Google this, but can't be arsed, so thought I'd ask you lot. Do I need planning permission to put a brick wall either side of my back garden?
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    What's for dinner/tea?

    @That-Crazy-Rat-Lady do you have power yet babb? x
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    Stafford shops opening - Turning into a boom town?

    You'll have cut for him - again x
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    Today I saw...

    @littleme who stood by the tills and flashed at me! 😸
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    Motorcycle Garages 1950/60’s

    Is this where the petrol station is now?
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    I shall see you in a bit. At least I know I'm welcome!
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    Mundane facts about your day: Part Deux

    Since when have ASDA and Tesco been closed overnight? Decided go ASDA get a few bits, due to being wide awake because i'm on night mode. There's a few cars on the car park, I can see staff inside, but they're closed. Same with Tesco. Sod it, I'll go Sainsburys early on, at least the staff in...
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    I wasn't having a go at you, we've been friends long enough for me to know how poorly you were and how you've been affected long term Pees me off when I see customers get so close to all of you, that you can tell if they had garlic the night before, or brushed their teeth that morning. Social...
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    I hadn't stopped wearing my mask, even after restrictions were lifted, I have my family, friends and patients to keep safe. One evening, I went into Sainsburys and there was only myself and one of the lovely girls on the till wearing masks, gobsmacked int the word I feel like putting here...
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    What's for dinner/tea?

    Yet another steak night, he's getting too used to this here home cooking lark!
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    Give us a joke... go on it might be funny :)

    Nicked off a friend on Facebook.... Good Advice My wife found out that our dog (a Schnauzer) could hardly hear, so she took it to the veterinarian. The vet found that the problem was hair in the dog's ears. He cleaned both ears, and the dog could then hear fine. The vet then proceeded to tell...
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    The Royal Oak Stafford

    You beat me to it babb, every fkn one by look of it!
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    Greyhound or Sighthound owners.

    Yes I know, I'm sure @shoes had a couple for a while, ex racers?
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    Greyhound or Sighthound owners.

    It's lovely that you've persevered with him, a lot of owners would've given up at the first hurdle. Have you any idea into his background? Boils my pee how some people treat their pets, it isn't a recent thing, been going on for years. I think It's a shame that it's 'our generation' that have...
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    Stafford Western Access Route.

    It's a lovely drive, if you avoid the manholes.