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    Holidays 2022.

    Try Caffé Vista, as mentioned elsewhere.
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    Today I saw...

    I am completely surrounded now, but there hasn't been a single spot here yet.
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    Today I saw...

    We had about 8mm where I am, overnight, and @Carole's butt is now fully moistened again, on the anniversary of her last appearance here.
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    Truss, Patel and Braverman are working on it, as we speak.
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    Stafford shops opening - Turning into a boom town?

    A lot depends on what happens to 'old' phones. None of my three phones have been 'new' when they got to me. However, I am not a heavy user, hence getting my regular greeting a few minutes ago - "use it or we'll turn you off".
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy fifth anniversary to Thawa Bridge and @Keemanan 123 go A man with three birthdays, one more than the Queen. One day, he'll even learn to hold boxes of chocolates the right way up.
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    Previous discussion of the Sandyford executions here -
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    For the period of the half-century before the current prison was built, executions are stated to have taken place at Sandyford, which may mean the area between Crooked Bridge Road and Peel Terrace. What the arrangements were in 1606 is anybody's guess, in the absence of documentary evidence.
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    Know your workshop tools.

    More of an appliance than a tool, but I'm impressed with this timer that I got off eBay last September. It was intended to provide an automated means of running the immersion heater, when the oil boiler is off. I've never actually got around to fitting it yet, though. It has an internal...
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    I get the odd sycamore popping up and I generally remove them - but, for the last few years, leafcutter bees has been using this one. For some reason, they find it preferable to any of the others that become available, so it can stay here for them. Their harvesting procedure doesn't seem to...
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    Holidays 2022.

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    Mundane facts about your day: Part Deux.

    Someone I knew lived right next to a motorway junction. They often had cars stopping for phone calls, etc. One day, they got up to find somebody parked fairly neatly half-way up the drive and apparently asleep. They presumed that he would be awake and gone before they needed to go out...
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    The privatised water companies have been handing out dividends for thirty years, and largely ignoring the real problems. Maybe, if the CEO got a thousand pound fine for every leak there might be a response, but that won't happen, obviously. Conversely, I wonder how many urban trees actually...