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    The Nightingales + Ted Chippington + The Courtesy Group

    Redspot are back to promote a couple of spring gigs starting with The Nightingales ‘Mind over Matter’UK Tour which kicks off in Stafford on May 14th. Venue is the Grapes on Bridge Street, Stafford, ST16 2HL Support for the show is the one and only Ted Chippington who some of you may remember...
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    Live at The Castle 2011

    NEW CONFIRMED Acoustic tent 1.30 Theo Hogben 1 2.00 Nathan Alexander 1 2.30 Liz Gask 1 3.00 James Flanagan 1 3.30 Niel & Grace Pennington 2 4.05 Pelo 5 4.45 Lee Ford 5 5.20 Katie & Emily Thompson 2 5.55 Love Heart Billionaires 4 6.30 Lawrence Wells 3 7.05 Laura Poppitt 2 7.40 ctrl c...
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    Any Bee Keepers or budding Bee keepers out there. We have a quantity of large commercial size stocks of bees for sale (all local stafford bees you'll bee glad to know). These will all be County Bee inspector checked and are excellent stocks. If you are interested, or know anyone who might be...
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    Want somewhere to rehearse? Wanna make a muso vid

    Just phone Richard and ask, I'm sure you can barter and its a great easy space!
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    What school did you go to?

    Stafford Grammar I'll have you no, short trousers for the first 2 years, educational problems for 5. I ended up milking cows, who at least knew better. Least you not forget flippant ones a Podmore nailed his ear to a tree (there were some there then) in the marketsq., andpaid fines in...
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    Bands seen in Stafford

    well thats not surprising Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo no - it was shite
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    The word "Forum"

    Now I know I can't trust any of you. 4 rum is quite simple isn't it whats it called in german then sitzplatz?
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    Bands seen in Stafford

    This is great as you can tell age quite simply by the bands you lot have parted cash for. No one has mentioned some more recent greats as you're all too old to get off the sofa obviously. Try we try, but how about Half Man Half Buiscuit at MRI in 2004, support that night was Scott Matthews...
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    Want somewhere to rehearse? Wanna make a muso vid

    MUSICIANS: Rehearsal space and Music Video - here in Stafford RGA have contacted old Jim to offer their film studio's as rehearsal space for local bands and musicians. Anyone interested can call Richard on 01785 257733. This is a fantastic opportunity to use a quality space and also to see the...
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    Stafford Song music video

    definitely a rangers anthem ( one to rival the kop faithful at anfield! ) get that camera there this sat and we'll do our best! barmy army!!!
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    Sofa's Pub Quiz

    I fear some questions may be in German but it's got to be worth a look.
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    Bah Humbug #2 "The Bug Is Back"

    yeppee MAUSKRAMP - Stafford's best kept secret so get down to the Hum-dinger of a night.. For those of you who want my records see: or maybe it's not what it seems and everything evolves around Venice? don't forget Jan 12 at the Gatehouse The premiere of "the...
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    Stafford Soap Opera

    one and sixpence Boys and Girls we don't want to compete with the crap already on offer - lets make something different and special. Reality Pub! Why try and follow what the big guys do, lets be creative. Simple gossip in a pub is hilarious at the best of times - its just never been recorded.
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    Nostalgia - What are your memories of Stafford?

    remember Tipping Street - 1970's - Union Building
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    Stafford Soap Opera

    Ok you lot are certainly showing signs of serious soap action provided its in a pub - so here is the genius; and hopefully, as long as you keep it quiet until we have copyright on the idea, it'll be stunning. We simply rig out a corner of the Railway with half a dozen cams and mics and stream...