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    Litter Heroes.

    A lot of their rubbish blows all the way down the site onto our unit, I have picked up lots of their rubbish.
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    FreeIT - Stafford.

    dropped off at Elevate.
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    FreeIT - Stafford.

    Hi where too?
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    FreeIT - Stafford.

    I have an old iPad that is no longer used, the battery is Not the best. Is this any use?
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    Wasp Nests.

    It says on the can to go back after 24 hours.
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    Wasp Nests.

    I have 3 wasps nest in my attic, I purchased some spray from Screwfix that you can spray from 20 feet, I looked at where the largest nest was and realised that if I cleared some items out of the way I could stand on the loft ladder and get away quickly and close the hatch. This is what it said...
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    Christmas in Stafford.

    Sounds really good, at least the council is doing something.
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    Free! Pallets Free

    We have around 8 pallets, if anyone needs any we are at ST16 2TB NOW TAKEN.
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    Free! Free Pallets

    Hi I am not sure of the actual size, they look like normal size.
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    Free! Free Pallets

    We have 3 pallets which look as though they are brand new, free to anyone, collect from Soccer Box ST16 2TB. Monday-Friday.
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    Any Postman Help Here

    On Wednesday we sent a order to a lady in Peach Avenue, my wife had to call the lady as she had made a sizing error on her order which was a birthday present for her grandson. During the call my wife suggested that if she came and collected the order we would return her postage. It turned out...
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    For Sale Rabbit Hutch, cover and run

    NOW SOLD We have a rabbit hutch for sale which measures 6ft wide x 4ft high. It is made by chartwell. 2 tier suitable to house two rabbits. The hutch is around 5 years old in good condition although some wear and tear as expected. There is also a cover for the hutch which has a slight rip in...
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    Roofer needed

    Enterprise Roofing 07884 310355
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    Wanted Jigsaws and Books

    My wife was very pleased to meet you and delighted that you are are happy with the jigsaws. Thank you for the nice comments and the card was beautiful.
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    Wanted Jigsaws and Books

    Great, we should be able to organise ourselves then.