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    Best way to invest money for new baby. Junior ISAs, etc

    I did wonder if that was only for new customers, or perhaps a recent change and they haven't written to you yet... anyway, no matter. Good spot on the "no withdrawals" thing, I never spotted that but not bothered because I won't be touching it anyway. You can transfer to other Child ISA's...
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    Best way to invest money for new baby. Junior ISAs, etc

    Just FYI, the Young saver is now 2.25%, not 3%..... The ISA is 4%. AFAIUI you can withdraw from the ISA at any time though so just as easy to use for the skiing trip....
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    Puregym coming to Stafford.

    12m contract with them though :(
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    Best way to invest money for new baby. Junior ISAs, etc

    I stick my little'uns £80 a month Child Benefit, rounded up to £100, in a Halifax Regular Saver which pays 3%. Then every year when it matures I stick it in a Halifax Junior ISA, again 3% and the regular saver starts all over again.
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    Wren Living to open in Stafford

    Most likely they will recruit the store manager first and then allow the store manager to be involved in the recruitment of, what will be, his team.....
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    Unfortunately Shelly has now retired..... could the rubbish service I am receiving from Mark Redler now be linked to this....? Possibly.
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    Based on current experience, I would highly recommend anyone NOT to use Mark Redler.... It's been a very, very poor experience so far. Will update add the process goes on and hopefully things change for the better, but I'm not hopeful.
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    Food Safety & Hygiene Ratings

    New Lotus House Chinese gets a 1 rating too..... Whoops.
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    Health & Safety Police in town

    Reveived the HSE news update the other day.... I know, I love to live on the wild side..... and there was a "local interest story" in there: Dangerous Window Cleaning in Stafford NB: Click the image on that line to enlarge it :)
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    Wanted Patio Table

    Sorry Sooz, only just seen this. Will PM you now.
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    The Bear Grill.

    I've tried one, they are great.
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    Free! Pallet wood

    Sorry mate, it all went.
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    Free! Pallet wood

    Hi folks, I have a load of broken down pallet wood available to anyone who wants it. It's all broken down into planks but over half still have the nails in. Ideal for burning, our take the nails out and build something.... which is what I did..... First person who can collect gets it, I'm in...
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    Wanted Patio Table

    Bit of a long shot / cheeky, but if you don't ask..... My patio table recently gave up the ghost - chairs are fine - so wondering if anyone has a patio table they no longer need that I could have or even borrow...? Not too fussy but would need to be table height rather than coffee take...
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    Anyone need help with cleaning or ironing?

    Hmmmm, interesting. I will speak to the wife about this tonight and might be back in touch. I assume you have or can get references? Is there a minimum amount of hours per week you would do? Also can you clarify your ironing rates please? Sorry for loads of questions..... :)