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    Settee. Suite sofa

    Yes we got the m and s one the Abbey
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    Settee. Suite sofa

    Brilliant .its a little gem of a place isn't it .I always go there I nearly gave in and got one from Next but I saved over a grand by buying from Westbridge
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    Settee. Suite sofa

    It's with it and half the price mine is a m and s one . But they may be a delay, I got the showroom one
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    Had my booster yesterday. Usual pain in the injection site. It will pass
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    Roofer needed

    So Greenhills from Stone did the job. Took a few days, fitted 2 new velux windows and repointed the chimney. Well pleased with the work involved. I do recommend them
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    Settee. Suite sofa

    Finally got what I wanted from westbridge at Meir Park. Ha then realised too big to get through the door, oh well at least we have another room. To put it in.
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    The Holly Bush at Seighford.

    Well had a lovely meal there Wed night. Proper home cooked food. Not too busy or loud like some places . Well worth it. They are closed Mon and Tues. Serve food from 6. In the evening bit sure about day time hours, Defo go again..
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    Today I saw...

    Special car. It must be to park like that
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    Heathrow ?

    Maybe fly to Dublin. They so direct flights
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    Laying LVT (or laminate I guess)

    Yes they did but only in parts
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    I went to school with her brother knew the family well.
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    Local nurse veronica guy nee Sutton has passed away from covid RIP
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    Train Named in memory of the Hixon rail accident.

    My g grandad was killed on the railway I'm trying to find out more. One of his sons witnessed the accident. Random I know
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    Settee. Suite sofa

    Na pass on that one
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    Wanted Snooker Triangle

    Oh that's a shame