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    Labour candidate

    Looks like Joyce has a website up: This is going to be interesting... NHS worker versus former Russian art dealer?
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    Trello - anyone used?

    I use a self hosted variant called 'deck' which runs on NextCloud.
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    Desperate Councils

    Councils should lead the way with board room pay being restricted relative to the lowest paid employees. High salaries != competence.
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    Virgin media in ST17 area

    Branson doesn't own Virgin anymore, it's Liberty Global. I've had excellent service from them to date. Initially when I got the service, they gave me a Superhub 3. There was an issue switching it to modem mode, when I demonstrated the problem to a Virgin Engineer (within 2 days of reporting it)...
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    Examples of poor driving you have witnessed!

    On my last cycle home from work, I saw my first marked police car since I took up cycling again in late August. I got quite a good close-up view given that the driver overtook far too closely and in the face of 3 oncoming vehicles. I expected better from Stafford's finest. I've been reassured...
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    Why do Newsletter url's take so long to load

    I've just visited and had a look at it's payload. Ordering each download by size and I'd guesstimate over 80% of it is advertising or tracker related. 384 discrete requests in total.
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    Why do Newsletter url's take so long to load

    If 'the industry' didn't use such intrusive practices, people wouldn't resort to using ad-blocking software. I'm not denying that the infrastructure required to host web sites and services for large volumes of users isn't expensive. After all, my job is provisioning and maintaining such...
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    Why do Newsletter url's take so long to load

    I'm honestly at a loss. If those sites* were more selective about the 'trackers' they subscribed too and actually provided quality content as opposed to link bait, I might be inclined to agree. If facebook had at least admitted sooner they were continuing to track the sites people visit even...
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    Why do Newsletter url's take so long to load

    The flipside of that, as I'm sure you know is the invasion or privacy with the tracking of users from one site to another. Why is it Facebook's concern what other sites I visit? Or Google's for that matter? Not only that, but there's such a thing as malvertising. It's not unheard of for bad...
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    Stafford Cinema - ups & downs.

    I'd love to buy the old cinema, restore it to it's former glory and play period classic films and art films, providing an alternative to mainstream cinema. However, I don't think it's commercially viable in a place like Stafford.
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    Wanted car

    Sounds rather bargainous!
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    Cloud storage

    All cloud storage means is storing your shiz on other peoples computers. Unfortunately relying on a cloud provider makes you subject to their charges, t's&c's, mistakes and breaches. That said, I am sure it could be possible to come up with a community led, opensource, distributed, torrent...
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    Leave or Remain?

    It's not like the mainstream press will give him any attention unless it's to malign him. The fact he isn't susceptible to influence by those who really run this country*, frightens the establishment. I quite like the fact he doesn't get embroiled in the myths, play ground posturing and...
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    Good reliable roofer / builder needed

    I'll be giving Mr. Congreave a call it seems. Woke up to a large "zit" in the kitchen ceiling this morning. It looks like there's ~13 square metres of flat roof to be replaced. For any good roofers that happen to be reading this, there's a .pdf here...
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    For Sale 1994 Bmw 318i (e36) 4 Door Saloon - Low Miles

    More pictures here: