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    What are we watching on TV?

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    Stafford Traffic.

    The fabricated Tank is likely Turkish S
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    Stafford Traffic.

    South Walls Diversion? Has this diversion now ended? I followed it this morning and was unable to access the Riverside carpark I went back to Bridge Street and got in via Queens way and South walls. South walls is still blocked?? S
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    What are we watching on TV?

    "Maybe you should poke it with a stick?" S
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    On my second! S
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    Lancaster checking the town out.

    A few years ago I had the occasion to visit Duxford to visit the Air Museum whiile there was also a Modern Classic Car Show going on so two things to see! Including IWM Tank collection so a really full day! We were just walking between two hangers and the doors opened and an aircraft tow drew...
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    Wanted Wanted low mileage manual 2011 Renault Grand Scenic or C4 Grand Picasso

    @luke robinsno, Chatfields have one of each? S
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    Baswich Community Group

    The fold down bollards are lowered at the moment to facilitate access for The Canal and River Trust to refurbish the towpath. The towpath is closed at this point and cordened off with loads of Heras fencing (As least it was last week?) S
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    Today I saw...

    Today I saw Bob's Pylon S
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    Happy Birthday!

    :pint::pint:Happy Birthday Gram! S
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    Stafford Boat Club.

    View of Bednall from the Boat Club? S
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    What are we watching on TV?

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    Stafford Traffic.

    Went through this morning! Didn't come back that way! S
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    Mundane facts about your day...

    Have you not got a hosepipe " I thought your house was on fire? honest! S