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    The Tap Steakhouse - the old Tap and Spile.

    They’re hiring apparently according to Facebook
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    Stafford Western Access Route.

    Anyone noticed that the egress of this road by Halfords is now a dual carriageway, yet the bus stop immediately after you turn left onto Stone Road has no layby? So the dual carriageway will be instantly disrupted if there's a bus? :?:
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    Guildhall closure?

    I noticed today that specsavers have moved into the old river island unit so I imagine the shops around the outside are staying more permanently?
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    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks my lovelies!
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    Charity pests in Stafford? AKA Chuggers

    Yep, it's bloody vile. The council have washed their hands of it and say to phone the police.
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    Charity pests in Stafford? AKA Chuggers

    Anyone know if this relates to the awful preachers too?
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    Cuffy / Skill Stafford customer service thread - Stafford retailers reports

    Sending out a Skill to Appliance Force today. Local guys, They couldn’t actually fix my oven but they were quick on the phone, honest about it the issue when they turned up and no call out charge. Worth a punt if you’re out of warranty on something that’s a small fix. However, the less said...
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    Interior door fitters

    Hiya looking for a recommendation for local door fitter who can sort an interior sliding double door that is on its last legs (coming off runners, out of wall fitting, basically everything expect falling over!) Any recommendations for local joiners etc please? Want to give the business to a...
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    What are we watching on TV?

    Spotted channel 4 advertising a drama about Stafford Hospital and Julie Bailey. Funny how Cure the NHS led us to where we are now...
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    Stafford Cinema - ups & downs.

    There's a real shoestring budget air at the old cinema, for understandable reasons, but £11 for two tickets and a can of pop I won't grumble! Two things : there's a bit of a soggy smell that suggests flooding somewhere perhaps? It's not offensive but it's definitely there. And: The heating...
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    Parking in Stafford

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    Parking in Stafford

    .... Or instead of trying to quick fix in their own favour they could try solving the flooding problem that esteemed members of the forum said was definitely solved during the building works...
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    Handyman DIY shop on First Avenue

    Cheers dudes
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    Handyman DIY shop on First Avenue

    :( need about a metre of wood to fix a bed, thought a local friendly place would do the job
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    Handyman DIY shop on First Avenue

    Are these guys still open anyone know ?