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    Multi Faith Sunday Funday

    It's the 'food' bit that really interests me the most!
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    Kin 'ell

    Microsoft not good at everything shock!
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    ex-Walton High School High Flyer - Jonathan Ive

    Blimey! Here is a top advert for Walton High School if ever there was one -
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    Horse meat

    Someone told me today they believe the sale of horse meat is illegal in this country, but I though the opposite was the case. I had always understood nags would be sent to the knackers yard to be made into cat food, or is that a fallacy? What's the truth?
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    Green Launch

    GREEN PARTY ELECTION CAMPAIGN LAUNCH The Green Party are celebrating the official launch of their General Election campaign with an evening event featuring live music from local artists. Mike Shone, the Green Party’s General Election candidate for Stafford said “For the first time, voters in...
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    Goodbye Cadbury

    "So, farewell then Cadbury's Dairy Milk, "a glass and a half of milk in every half pound" that was your claim. Now, I fear, your glass is half empty." E.J. Thribb-Harris (35 1/2)
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    PC and Monitor Purchase Challenge!

    Can anyone find a deal for this money with this spec for less or better for the same money?
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    Spiritualized -LAGWAFIS in Manchester

    Anyone else going to see Spiritualized play their seminal album "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" in Manchester Monday 14th December? I have a spare ticket... It is going to be a great gig...
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    FlexibleLove can be yours!
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    Use of Language on the Forum

    I realise I may come across as being a bit nanny state or whatever for saying this, but I feel I have to make this point - I would like to see the Forum free of the kind of language which could could be deemed offensive, especially to minors. Swearing and expletives are commonly used in...
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    Iraq Inquiry

    Do you expect anything truly constructive to come of the Iraq Inquiry, which starts today? Imo, the toothless, fawning style of the other inquiries into the matter, such as the Hutton Inquiry into the Kelly affair do not bode well. Hey, but enough of my yackin. Let's boogie. What do you think?
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    Tom Sofa's Noughties Quiz

    if you notice this text you are cool New Year's Eve 1999 is almost ten years ago! Where were you when Big Brother first hit our screens? When did you first see the iPod? How did you feel when you first logged on to Facebook? What a decade! Why not celebrate it at Tom Sofa's Noughties Quiz...
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    Mclaren Pushchair Recall

    Is it just me or is there something a bit sinister about Mclaren recalling a million pushchairs in the US but not doing anything about the issue in Europe? Surely any danger to children that can possibly be avoided or mitigated should be? Am I alone in feeling a bit sickened by what appears to...
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    Free To Collect

    TV stand for a Panasonic Quintrix telly, 75cm across, free to collect. PM, email or phone me.
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    Post Office Strikes

    Do you think the postal workers should be striking? Do you agree that management have gone back on their word and are trying to force unfair conditions on workers? Or do you believe the the CWU members exploiting a weak Labour government, (who they donate lots of money to)? Are workers who...
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    Castletown Cowboy Trap

    Check it out! In the Ford from 7 minutes and 15 seconds! That some builders had the cheek to pull something like that in Castletown - call the :cops:
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    Thrilling USB Question

    I want to connect a USB device to a desktop 12 metres away. 5m is the usual limit. Would I need two repeater cables or just one normal 5m cable and a 5m repeater? Shoes and Tek this is for you...
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    Punch Taverns Rant

    It is with some sadness that I read about the impending demise of the Lynton Tavern. Being ST16 I am not a regular there, nor have I ever been, but I have a lot of good buddies who live up there (big shout out to ST17) and I know how important the pub has been to them. I can't begin to imagine...
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    Free To Collect

    Forum Freecycle - free to collect - please phone or email me by clicking on the link to the left of this post. Side table with extendable flaps Side table with drawer 24 inch colour tv and remote - good working order If they are not gone by Sunday morning they will be put...
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    Part-time Job Required

    Part-time position in the Stafford area required by me starting August 2009. For those of you who don't know me, I would describe my main characteristics as being confident and enthusiastic, personable and articulate, flexible and quick to learn. If you would like a copy of my CV or for me to...