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  1. jimstafford

    The Nightingales + Ted Chippington + The Courtesy Group

    Redspot are back to promote a couple of spring gigs starting with The Nightingales ‘Mind over Matter’UK Tour which kicks off in Stafford on May 14th. Venue is the Grapes on Bridge Street, Stafford, ST16 2HL Support for the show is the one and only Ted Chippington who some of you may remember...
  2. jimstafford


    Any Bee Keepers or budding Bee keepers out there. We have a quantity of large commercial size stocks of bees for sale (all local stafford bees you'll bee glad to know). These will all be County Bee inspector checked and are excellent stocks. If you are interested, or know anyone who might be...
  3. jimstafford

    Want somewhere to rehearse? Wanna make a muso vid

    MUSICIANS: Rehearsal space and Music Video - here in Stafford RGA have contacted old Jim to offer their film studio's as rehearsal space for local bands and musicians. Anyone interested can call Richard on 01785 257733. This is a fantastic opportunity to use a quality space and also to see the...
  4. jimstafford

    Premier of local Film - Stafford Music Scene - The Rockumentary

    Ok boys and girls here's a date for your new christmas diaries. Local Film company Jasper Films will Premier a Film about the Stafford Music Scene at Stafford Gatehouse on Jan 12th. It's a partnership event with the Theatre, Jasper Films, Redspot and Culturegen and believe me it's very...
  5. jimstafford

    Roxy Magic - the nearly true sound of Roxy Music, only with more hair.

    Yeah, this saturday (25th) at Stafford Rangers - take the missus and get her all worked up to the sultry sounds of Roxy Magic, weaving tricks with lookalike charactors and tunes from the Roxy Music School of Pop. Rumour has it that a certain manager of a certain football club, local to us, will...
  6. jimstafford

    How many Guillemots fans are out there?