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    Hungry Horse Sixfields Tavern in Northampton on fire

    Just seen a video on facebook showing The Hungry Horse on fire.. Look really bad, I hope no one was hurt : ( Admin Edit: Thread title edited to clarify that this isn't the Stafford Hungry Horse.
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    Express & Star - Who Writes This Crap?

    You must have our copys, we not had one for 2 weeks now, yet seen the paper boys delivering in our street.
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    Someone Banging A Drum

    A friend on facebook who lives close by to there always complains of this too!!
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    Incident in Victoria Park?

    I have been in town all morning & not seen or heard anything- weird?! People asking on spotted stafford too & only the usual rediculous unhelpful responses on there!
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    CAN YOU HELP FLASH LEY Primary School?

    Have they not asked other schools to lend supplies until they are re open again??
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    999 calls not working for seighford residents until 2:50pm

    Apparently its an "external issue" latest update is that its not likely to be resolved until at least 4pm now- whatever the problem is.
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    999 calls not working for seighford residents until 2:50pm

    Saw this on twitter thought might be useful for some to know
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    Year 11 Work Experience

    have they changed the rules?? I was def 16/17 when i did work experience on shugborough ward- def under 18 as i finished college at 17.
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    Warning to parents - Attempted child abduction in Stafford

    Blimey had not heard that one- however Police also tweeted about an an "assult" on a young girl on Sydney avenue that happened at 8:30 this morning!!
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    Cell Site - Cannock Road Wildwood

    We were laughing at the fact on the C4 show " The Tribe" they were having more success using their mobile phones in their remote village In etheopia than we do on Wildwood, its rediculous x
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    Wildwood Park

    So frustrating isn't it?! We have took a picnic there in the summer hols before now ready to set up for an afternoon, to have to leave early as toilets locked & little ones to desparate to hold on. : (
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    Band practice

    Hi! I am on wildwood & although can not hear it, i do know Oakridge primary school on Hilcroft have had a "festival" themed day on their school field all day and its is going on until 9pm this eve.. Wonder if thats what u can hear maybe if you live more up that end of wildwood?
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    The Little Fawn (chip shop Milford)

    Thank you all for your responses, it really is a shame!
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    The Little Fawn (chip shop Milford)

    Hi does anyone know what happened to by far the best chip shop around?? gutted to find it closed and up for auction when we went last night. Thanks