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    lost log book

    like a clown it appears i've lost my log book. does anyone else have any experience of this? and can i get another one for free? (n.b. i've had a look on the dvla website and it says it should cost me 25 quid, but i'm hoping there's a trick someone else knows) ta in advance
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    The Lines on Tour in May

    hello one and all, we're on tour in May, most local gig will be birmingham on Saturday May 5th, but if you keep an eye on there will be a competition to get to see us in your living room (if you were that way inclined)
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    thought i'd start this thread after reading the above in another thread. can I just say form the off that if you're an athiest of the highest order, and if you believe that science has disprovedn 'god' or a 'higher power' you have no concept of how science works, and also how any good scientist...
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    are you taking the p*ss?!?

    Toilet gaming technology targets urinal boredom Admin edit: Amended hyperlink.
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    Organ Donation

    most people don't realise just how the current system works. even if you have taken the time to sin up to the register (which thankfully is now a bit easier as it's part of a driving license application), your family still has the final say as to whether your organs can be used to (hopefully)...
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    This sounds an awul lot like...

    have a read, see what you think for yourselves
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    Fundraising night for Greenhall Nursery

    my brother and I have organised a fundraising night for Greenhall Nursery this Saturday (October 29th). The night is one of those race nights that were they play prerecorded films of horse racing and you can have a bet. The night is taking place at the Emerald Club (fancy walk, just off the...
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    A list of stupid things I have done...

    just for scoot doggy dog... here is a list of stupid things i have done in the past year or so... fallen off the roof of a pub gone through customs in canada so drunk that i still can't remember it got naked in public (on countless occasions) nearly got arrested in texas by a proper sheriff on...
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    Can anyone run a Race Night for charity?

    My brother and I usually put on a charity night to help raise money for disadvantaged kids in memory of our mum who passed away a few years ago. the night usually centre's around a race night (they play recordings of races and you can bet on the horses), but unfortunately the person who usually...
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    weekly bin collections

    apparantly during the impending economic crisis the government thinking restoring weekly bin collections is a priority... what's everyones take on this? i thought the scheme in stafford seemed to work alright?
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    The Lines @ Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall, Sat 3rd Dec 2011

    have announced a headline show today at the wulfrun hall in wolverhampton on saturday december 3rd. tickets go on sale tomorrow (friday september 30th) at 10am and will be available from The last time we headlined the Wulfrun the gig sold out, so if you fancy getting...
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    Pete Doherty

    is playing the wulfrun in wolvo on the 20th of this month. can't think why i'd be plugging it...
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    anyone fancy a bit of extra cash? driving job

    occasionally my band require a driver. you would be driving a long wheel base transit van (or something along those lines), would need to be 25 years of age, have held a full license for 2 years, and be able to put up with us basicaly. we wouldn't want you to chip in helping out at the gigs...
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    The Lines

    howdo everyone we've got a few gigs coming up this month. If anyone fancies a day out we're playing in London, Wrexham and Sheffield. Gig dates can be found at and if you do fancy coming along to any of them let me know and I'll see if i can help arrange some...
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    The Barley Mow, Milford

    went up last night with my old mand and my cousin who's over from australia. i've always thought there's better places in town to eat (the seven stars and the wildwood to name but two up that end of town), but my dad loves it for some reason. they've obviously had a revamp (we were told...
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    drum lessons

    I wouldn't mind a bit of extra pocket money at the moment whilst my band isn't gigging so if anyone needs drum lessons, or is interested in taking the instrument up, then i've always offered very competitive rates. I have taught friends in the past and have had no complaints, but if it helps...
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    I'm off out to give blood

    so should you
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    Super Injunctions

    look, i'm sure we all know which footballer has been shagging Imogen Thomas (if you don't know, why should you be bothered anyways? She's only famous for not being famous...). Anyways, said individual (shall we call him Bryan Biggs for arguements sake) is now trying to get information about...
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    new music

    has anyone actually heard any new music that has really grabbed them? i find this really interesting as the majority of 'new' bands out at the moment just bore me to tears. not one of the bands who got listed in the "5 or 10 to watch for 2011" lists at the start of the year have really...
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    Odd Future

    go listen