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  1. homes and lines


    I see a lot of creative art in and around Stafford. Whatever you consider to be art, in Stafford, post it here. I will start us off, here's 'Question Me'
  2. homes and lines

    Homegrown fruit & veg

    This years first potato crop, here at h&l headquarters. Anyone else have pictures of their lovingly grown, veg? Happy Spud Sunday!
  3. homes and lines

    'Ghost' signs - then and now.

    Hello, having seen this recently, I had to take a picture.. Anyone seen this one and anyone got other Stafford ghost signs, to share?
  4. homes and lines

    Pastel Cactus on Church Lane

    Pastel Cactus is my new favourite shop in Stafford. Full of lovely things to buy! Anyone been in?
  5. homes and lines

    homes and lines

    Hello, I live in Stafford and I create personalised hand-drawn illustrations of homes and buildings, from all eras. I can draw your home, a birthday party venue, or a wedding venue, your holiday home, somewhere you had a great night out, the building your company is in, the list is almost...