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  1. Dancing Queen

    Dance and Exercise Classes

    Classes starting next week at TopLine Studio - Stafford Street (above Millets)
  2. Dancing Queen

    What's going on with Staffordshire Police?

    I was interested to read that Staffordshire Police was opening the doors of it headquarters on 8 September for an 'Open Day'. What a shame that they aren't keeping more of their local stations open. We found a stolen handbag the other day. Tried to phone the non-emergency line - was on hold for...
  3. Dancing Queen

    Dance and Exercise Classes

    Hi Everyone, We have recently opened the TopLine Studio above Millets on the corner of Stafford Street and Gaolgate Street. We now have lots of amazing teachers using the venue with new classes starting this month. Please show your support by taking part or liking and sharing our facebook posts...
  4. Dancing Queen

    Independent Stafford

    Came across this great facebook page recently featuring new and existing business around the Stafford area. Well worth a look and your support - personally I was unaware of some of them and will now actively seek them out.
  5. Dancing Queen

    Ballroom Dancing

    An 'Absolute Beginners' ballroom dancing class starts tomorrow evening at the White Eagle (Polish) Club at 7.30pm. Pay on the door.