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    Matthew Ellis

    So our police and crime (and now fire) commissioner has been tweeting and facebooking advice to stay away from the big moorlands fire as the public will get in the way of the hardworking fire service. So what does he do? Yep you guessed it, went up to the moorlands fire himself no doubt getting...
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    Stafford Health

    I've just come across Staffords health profile, makes interesting reading, a bit of a shock that over 2000 children are living in poverty in Stafford tho.
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    Free! Loveable cat

    Due to health reasons I've had to move house and can't take my cat with me. After asking around my sister had him for a while but now one of her kids is allergic. So he needs to go by tomorrow as sister going mad, so of anyone wants him please let me know ASAP. Smokey 10 yr old Male.
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    A449 Wolverhampton Road closed, emergency repairs - April 2013

    I've just heard that the Wolverhampton road is going to be closed both ways between town and the railway bridge due to emergency repairs. Anyone any truth behind this? All I've found is this but I never really take note of their travel info, it's normally wrong. Are we going to be faced with...
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    Taxis Christmas day

    I've spent the afternoon ringing around for a minibus from coven back to stafford for family members as I at work (bah humbug). Now, it's not very often we need to use a taxi but I was gobsmacked, not with the price so much just the attitude of staff. 2 companies both explained it would be...
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    XL FM - New radio station for Staffordshire

    So it's not even been a week, but XL FM a community radio station for Stafford, Stone, Penkridge, and Eccleshall is launching soon. I wonder who involved in this one .......
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    Another Milestone

    Just thought I'd point out that this is the 55,000th post in Stafford Chat!!!! Way to go Staffordians
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    Cannock Chase Hospital Open Day - Thursday 16th

    Are any of you attending tomorrow? I'll be there broadcasting live for Hospital Radio 5-8pm, so if you are attending come and say hi, would be nice to put few faces to the names. More Info...
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    Any one got a light?

    They will nick anything nowadays. Admin edit: Moved thread to Stafford Chat as it is a local story.
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    The Sun Inn.

    I'm trying The Sun tonight, i'm only going for a couple of pints, so what real ale do you recommend me trying?
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    Bargain Booze

    The new Bargain Booze up at Rising Brook opens tonight at 6pm..... another place for the chavs to gather.
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    Stafford Leisure Centre To Close

    Well only for 3 days ...... Clicky
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    Kingdom Court, Wolverhampton Road

    I notice Paul Cope's place on the Wolverhampton Road has been sold. My contact informs me its been sold to an veterinary practice.
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    Secret Santa

    Just had a look at one of my fave sites at the moment and they are doing a secret santa, £6.99 an item you could get anything from a Sharp XVZ90E DLP Projector to a York Body Gym or even a Pink Poker Set. It doesn't seem too bad atleast if you don't like it it can be given as...
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    Ali's kebab shop

    Does anyone know what has happened here, I work nights just up the road and on the way to work at 11 saw a police cordon round the place no staff inside. All i have heard is that all the staff have been arrested something to do with an assault and forensics will be there 8am in the morning...
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    Star and Garter to reopen soon

    From a reliable source The Star and Garter to reopen in approx 2 weeks with new Manager/Landlord Mr Ray Crowther (ex Signal Radio)
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    Windows For Blackberry

    Does anybody know where to get Windows software for my blackberry?
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    Digital Aerials

    If you need a digital aerial in time for the switchover i recommend using this guy, very helpful + polite and does a good job too :):)
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    Love 2 Love - All In

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    Cheap Gadgets

    Right over the last month i have brought a brand new wii for £17.85 brand new blue ray dvds for a little as 39p each brand new coffee machine for £28.77 and other bits and pieces, it is genuine u just have to be there at the right time. The only downside, each bid costs 50p what do u...