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  1. Princedomino

    Wanted Plastic storage boxes plus lids at cost price.

    I’m looking to buy 200 plastic stacking storage boxes. Is there any manufacturing in Stafford with factory shop that sells them at cost price. Or elsewhere that you know of? Thanks.
  2. Princedomino

    How do I get to the M&S car park!

    Tried to follow the diversion but never ended up at the car park.. I want the car park that has the lift directly into M&S. Can anyone tell me how to get drive there please. The last time I went I was able to go down the bus lane onto south walls but I’m sure I’ve read a post somewhere possibly...
  3. Princedomino

    Afternoon Tea.

    Are there any afternoon teas either collection or delivery that anyone can recommend please. Many thanks.
  4. Princedomino

    Plumber needed

    Can anyone tell me What is a realistic price to pay for a plumber to come to my home and replace a hot tap in my bathroom sink. Labour only not supply. Also can anyone recommend one please. Thank you.
  5. Princedomino

    Need extra telephone sockets put in

    I always try my best you use local people. I’m looking for someone to put in an extra telephone socket. Can’t find anyone on Google. Any recommendations please? Thanks so much.
  6. Princedomino

    Computer assistance - any local firms

    Do we have any computer experts in Stafford that do a PC helpline service. I need telephone help with a software issue but I don’t have any kind of support plan. I know you can buy a plan from Curry’s but would prefer to see what’s out there in Stafford before I go to the big companies. Thanks.
  7. Princedomino

    New GCH boiler

    Looking for a new boiler. I’m sure I’ve seen 1 or 2 local companies advertising for £1000. I cut the adverts out the paper and have promptly lost them. Any recommendations or who to avoid. Many thanks.
  8. Princedomino

    Sky as an Internet provider

    I’m thinking of having sky internet. I have sky tv. I’ve always had virgin internet until a few months ago so am used to cable and not many interruptions to service (although I do realise there were recent problems). I have sky tv. I will not change to virgin tv - mum has a Virgin tv box. It is...
  9. Princedomino

    Offer of plastics and cardboard

    Is anyone in need of any materials for crafts/school/clubs etc I can deliver in Stafford or Lichfield. I have lots of clear plastic bottles, lots of cereal boxes and small biscuit boxes. Useful for arts and crafts and for teaching nutritional information etc Does anyone know of anyone who...
  10. Princedomino

    Photo shops in Stafford

    I'm looking for a photo shop to scan in old photos. Is there such a shop in Stafford anymore? I looked around last week in the high street by Costa/back of old M&S but didn't see any. Do Asda or Tesco do this kind of thing? Thanks
  11. Princedomino

    Wanted Mail on Sunday insert 18th March 2018

    I'm after the 16 page supplement by Dr Max Mosley which was in the Mail on Sunday last Sunday 18th March. If anyone had one they don't want and will let me have it I'd be so grateful. Many thanks.
  12. Princedomino

    Hillcrest Dentist

    A few people on here have said they've found Hillcrest dentist in Highfields to be good for them. Is anyone able to give me the names of the dentist there whom they would specifically recommend. I don't wish to start the whole dentist value debate etc again. Many thanks.
  13. Princedomino

    For Sale Fold up picnic table

    I have a fold up picnic table for sale. It's the type where it has a table and four seats. Only a year old and probably only used twice. We had one before this which we used so much. It was really good when we went on holidays. The kids are growing up now so we haven't used it so much this time...
  14. Princedomino

    Recommendations for local firm doing oven cleaning

    Has anyone used local oven cleaning services. If so please can you let me know who you would recommend and why and who I should steer clear of. Private message me if you prefer. Many thanks..
  15. Princedomino

    Trade Secret Furniture Shop Burton

    Does anyone know of a furniture place in Burton that is called Trade Secret and sells reduced price furniture like end of lines and returns. Does it still exist ? Where is it in Burton. Has anyone used it and found it any good? I've googled it but keep coming up with the Oxford shop not Burton...
  16. Princedomino

    Vacuum cleaner repairs

    Where can I get my vacuum repaired locally? i.e. Stafford not Stoke. I think it needs a new fan belt but am not sure. Thanks.
  17. Princedomino

    Bees available

    Does anyone want bees? I have a hive in my garden. So before I ring the council to remove them I wondered if any bee keepers want them. I'm based in Weeping Cross Stafford. Thanks.
  18. Princedomino

    Beware road closures tomorrow and Saturday

    I've just read that some roads in the town centre are closed from Friday morning due to the cycling festival. Greengate and Gaolgate are closed. Also road by Shugborough closed on Saturday at 6.30pm. Details are on the Staffordshire Newsletter webpage.
  19. Princedomino

    Where is wokstop/parking

    where exactly is wok stop on the Newport road and where do you park as its collection only. Think we'll try this over the weekend. Thanks.
  20. Princedomino

    Don't forget Mondays bin collection is tomorrow (Saturday).

    if you live in weeping cross the bins need to be put out tonight as the collection is on Saturday. In December and January it will be a Tuesday for some strange reason.