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  1. BobClay

    Marine Pictures and Videos

    Thought I'd start a marine thread as we have an Aviation one. All kinds of marine craft from barges to battleships and bloody big tankers. What inspired me to do this was this remarkable quality picture I came across on a Shipping site I visit regularly. I know Stafford is a long way from the...
  2. BobClay

    Think of the Day

    So what happened to 'Thought of the Day' or is it taboo to ask ? :eek:
  3. BobClay


    I've just been accused by a family member of looking like Kit Harrington when I was younger. (Kit Harrington plays Jon Snow in the TV series Game of Thrones.) This follows a series of pictures of the various ages of Mr Harrington on Facebook. I took umbrage to this, so I searched my old photos...
  4. BobClay

    General Election, Blow Job Style

    Boris addresses the nation about his new election policies. (If ya aint got Facebook, this might not work. Come on .. get with it … bloody luddites.) :teef:
  5. BobClay

    Interesting Websites.

    Thought I'd create a thread for sites you might come across or know of, that could be of interest to others. I'll start it off with a couple of well known sites but that might be new to some. Flight Tracker, which shows air traffic world wide in real time (ish) and if you're a plane spotter...
  6. BobClay

    Where are the composers ?

    Somebody was asking in the pub the other day where all the great composers are today ? I suggested most of them were writing music for film soundtracks, and have been for some years now. Ennio Morricone is one of my favourites … he created a new genre of Western Film music and it translates...
  7. BobClay

    Radford Bank Flood Plain

    A very interesting compilation of pictures taken over a year of the Radford Water Meadows pictured from the bottom of Radford Bank has just appeared on YouTube. Please, if you want to 'Like' this don't give it to my post, but to the video on YouTube.