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  1. Alee

    Free! G tech air ram handheld

    Been sat in my cupboard for a couple of years , could do with a clean but all works and comes with all the attachments etc Any use to anyone ?
  2. Alee

    Found cat.

    Has anyone lost a young solid black cat in Derrington?
  3. Alee

    Are there any takeaways open on Christmas Day for delivery ?

    I’m planning on having a lazy Christmas this year and would be great to just get a takeaway delivered and not have to bother cooking . Does anyone know if any are usually open ? tia
  4. Alee

    Wanted Need an auto locksmith asap

    Hi all ! Any auntie locksmiths on here ? I need help today please . Need a new set of keys and coding done Tia
  5. Alee

    Free! Shower screen seal strip

    Does anyone need one ? I was sent it as a free gift after purchasing a computer chair . Rather an odd gift. I dont have a shower screen so no use to me.
  6. Alee

    For Sale Nerf gun bundle

    For sale . Nerf bundle . Includes various guns and bows , darts , targets, tactical vest and a large metal pegboard to store it all on .
  7. Alee

    Free! Pond fish

    can anybody rehome some pond fish ? I’m guessing there is around 10, possibly shubinkins , gold fish , sturgeon or similar. It’s hard to say without getting them all out. Belonged to a neighbour who sadly passed away. Housing association will be filling the pond in soon and in their words...
  8. Alee

    Council funded funerals

    Recently a very close friend and neighbour of ours passed away unexpectedly, we were basically family. He died in my arms and I couldn’t save him.Unfortunately he was not in contact with his family. After weeks of us helping the council and corona etc try to find his family they finally found a...
  9. Alee

    Somethings going on on m6 by castle

    m6 is closed and there police chopper hovering over for the last 45 mins or so. Iv got a great view but not a clue what is actually happing . Any one know anything ?
  10. Alee

    Does anyone here work at Stan Robinson’s in Stafford ?

    Does anyone on here work at Stan Robinson’s ?
  11. Alee

    Found - car key on derrington track

    single car key found on derrington track to GNosal yesterday afternoon. This is one of those flip kinds . Looks very new. If anyone has lost one ?
  12. Alee

    Wanted Fortnite poster

    Does anyone know where I can find a fortnite poster ?
  13. Alee

    Where has stafford balti gone?!

    So it seems I must have been living in a hole for past few months because staffors balti has gone! I live for stafford balti's pashwari naan ! I was just about to find a menu to decide what curry I wanted ! Has it moved to another building or has it gone gone ?
  14. Alee

    Wanted Ecu repair reccomendations

    Can anyone recommend anywhere to have my ecu repaired ?
  15. Alee

    Car help , high emissions

    Here's a strange one that has 2 garages lost. The patient is a Seat Leon Cupra 1.8 turbo. Runs perfectly with no issues other than high co levels at fast idle (1.46) Treatment so far includes a new lambda and 2 new cats. Car Has been scanned but shows no fault codes . All sensors, pipes , plugs...
  16. Alee

    The new barbie dolls!

    has anyone else seen the new range of Barbies ? I've just seen some in Tesco , brilliant idea ! They come in various body shapes I shall be getting my daughter some of these for xmas
  17. Alee

    Does anyone on here hire out bouncy castles?

    I'm planning on organising a play day for the kids over 6 week hols , invite school friends etc . Does any one know anyone who hires bouncy castles ?
  18. Alee

    Terrorist attack in london

    woke up to see this I feel for all those involved ☹️
  19. Alee

    Coconut palm repotting advice

    i have a large coconut palm growing indoors , which desperately needs repotting . What sort of compost should I use? I plan to get a large pot , put a layer of stones on bottom then fill with a mixture of compost, perlite and vermiculite? Tia
  20. Alee

    Wanted Scrap iron collector

    i have a metal shed that's need collecting , iv rang a few scrap iron places in stafford but they never turn up ! Does anyone know a reliable scrap metal guy ? Tia