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  1. Carole

    General Health Chat.

    I just wanted to start a thread about what people do to keep themselves healthy.. Who is concerned about wanting to keep themselves at a good weight and eating healthier? Apparently 50% of the UK are overweight, it’s become normalised. Heart disease is the Number one cause of death at the...
  2. Carole

    Amazon Deliveries

    In our area (Bednall) we usually have the lovely Amazon lady who does the deliveries. I’m presuming she’s on holiday at the moment. Anyway we were expecting a parcel to be delivered on Monday which didn’t arrive. When husband checked at bedtime he has a message saying “parcel handed to resident...
  3. Carole

    Garden Festival 1986

    I read a very interesting article in last week’s Stafford Newsletter about the National Garden Festival that took place in Stoke in 1986. It was a little bit of fabulousness that came to Stoke, and I’ve got such fond memories of that time. I showed the article to my husband and I told him that...
  4. Carole


    Anyone going to a wedding this year? We’ve been invited to two so far. Anyone that absolutely loves weddings, please excuse me, because I’m not always a fan. Some weddings start so blooming early, there’s just so much hanging around, waiting for the photos, bored, hungry, waiting for things to...
  5. Carole

    Free! 2 Bar Stools

    2 bar stools, cream with silver base. They swivel and are height adjustable. Slightly tatty, one of them is ripped at the back but ok for someone who likes an up cycling project. Free to collect from Bednall.
  6. Carole

    New Fitted Bedroom

    After 20 years we want to upgrade the fitted wardrobes in our bedroom. These were Strachan, expensive at the time, the quality is great but they are very dated. We’ll probably get them up to do another quote but I wondered if anyone can recommend another company. We don’t want inferior quality...
  7. Carole

    Any advice on selling gold and other jewellery?

    I’m in the process of going through every room in the house, every cupboard and every drawer to clear out the clutter. Lots of trips to the charity shops when they were open, various tip visits and selling some items on e bay. I’ve now reached my jewellery box and I’ve got various items of...
  8. Carole

    Luxury Candles (local business)

    I’m promoting a local business. My friends daughter lives in Acton Trussell and had a stall at Amerton Farm selling luxury hand made soy candles. All 100% vegan, cruelty free, eco friendly, locally sourced and absolutely gorgeous. Lovely for a gift or to treat yourself. She also sells tea...
  9. Carole

    The Forum Christmas Card

    Happy Christmas everyone. It’s different for so many of us this year, time apart from family and friends. But perhaps you can post your Christmas Card here. So this is us wishing you all a Happy Day and wishing for a better 2021.
  10. Carole

    Help on selfie stick

    The other day we were trying to take a selfie but we couldn’t get what we wanted in the picture and husband said we needed a selfie stick. Thought I’d buy one as a stocking filler, went on e bay and oh my goodness, I’m so confused. I thought it was basically something to just make your arms...
  11. Carole

    For Sale Sunburst Wall Mirror

    We’re selling a brand new large statement wall mirror. Brand new, never been put up. Still boxed. It’s gorgeous but not right for the room that we wanted it for. Bought from Wayfair for £180, were selling for less than half that. There is a slight bit of poor finish on part of it, not really...
  12. Carole

    Stop free meals for MPs.

    If you think it's wrong that MP's are still getting public money for food while some children go hungry please sign the petition. This cause is close to my heart - please sign...
  13. Carole

    Regent Theatre/Panto

    Early this year I bought 15 theatre tickets to take the family to the Panto in Hanley. I do know that quite a few theatres have cancelled their performances this year but I can’t find out any information for The Regent in Hanley. There is no one answering the phone, the recorded message says...
  14. Carole

    Free! Large scatter cushions brand new.

    We ordered two sofas from Lee Longlands, one of which had scatter back cushions. We’d ordered feather filled but two were filled with foam. They brought along the correct ones to replace but they didn’t want the others back. They’ve been sitting here for months while I was thinking of a use for...
  15. Carole

    Eat Out To Help Out

    Husband and I haven’t had a takeaway or eaten out since March. Not one. Yes that’s a lot of home cooked lunches and dinners. We’ve now decided that perhaps, we might like to support some local venues to help them get back on track. I’ve googled the “Eat Out to Help Out” thing where you get £10...
  16. Carole

    Wanted This DVD, One Man And His Campervan

    I’m looking for this DVD but they are horrendously expensive on E Bay and Amazon and obviously I can’t trawl round the charity shops at the moment. Does anyone happen to have a copy that they are happy to sell at a reasonable price?
  17. Carole

    Motor home help.

    We’ve bought a motor home and we’re picking it up on Tuesday. Rather hasty and spontaneous because we’ve never actually been in one before, never driven one, never had a holiday on a campsite. However, this came up for sale and it’s a year old but the guy who bought it only went to Bath and back...
  18. Carole

    Wanted Jigsaws and Books

    If you’ve had a sort out during lockdown and are waiting for the charity shops to open then I am here to assist and we can help each other. In our village there a quite a few people self isolating who are reading more and doing jigsaws. Many of these people don’t have internet/ don’t order...
  19. Carole

    Cannock Chase Fire

    There was a dreadful fire last night on The Chase at Brocton with 10 fire appliances in operation. Not sure how it started or any other details.
  20. Carole

    Great offer Titanic Revell Model

    A neighbour has offered this, he says he’s never going to get round to doing it, so it’s boxed and brand new. Complete with paints etc. He wanted the proceeds of the sale to go to Bednall church funds. However no one in the village seems particularly interested so I’m putting it for sale on...