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  1. Gramaisc

    Hearts and Hands.

    Hearts and Hands said - "Once again it has been brought to our attention on our Merrivale road surplus table some one decided to pull up in a car and load their boot with everything, including donated tins and money for Hearts and Hands, previous to this another person filled two rucksacks full...
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    Blocked Drain.

    I've been (partially) dealing with a blocked drain for someone today - it's all seemed quite odd. The blockage is in the wastepipe from a sink - it can be located to a 15' foot section of 40mm waste-pipe, largely hidden from view and with those hideous glued elbows, two at one end and three at...
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    Mill Meece Pumping Station.

  4. Gramaisc

    The Ripper - 11/Sep/2021.

    This has popped up on Facebook. One for the erstwhile detectives? I make no recommendation - don't blame me...
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    Dormans History.

    Any ex-Dormans inmates who might be interested in artefacts from the past? I've been pointed at this on eBay.
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    Who's had a rubbish day?

    I accidentally discovered that Stafford Borough Council have extracted almost £500 from my bank account without bothering to tell me. I spent half an hour on an international phone call arguing with them and was promised a call back. Nobody called.
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    Brocton defibrillator stolen.

    The cops say:- The defibrillator on Sawpit Lane Brocton has been stolen sometime between 16th October and 19th October. These are valuable life saving devices funded by the community. Anyone with information should contact 101 ref 271 of 19/10/20202
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    Fridge Tiles.

    I was reminded of the existence of this again today - - A local operation, though with a nationwide coverage. Started in the spring, in the hope of being fairly virus-resistant, it has proven to be great idea, with phenomenal...
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    Ironing and Alteration Services.

    A friend of mine provides these services - and comes with my recommendation. As a general guide:- All prices are approximate. Lengthening or shortening Trousers - from £5 Jeans - from £6 Tops or blouses -...
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    Internal Market Bill.

    The Law Society is not impressed by the shenanigans around the Brexit misrepresentations. They could consider removing any those involved from their register, should they be on it, of course.
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    Shropshire attractions.

    Shropshire is close, quite big and, generally, reasonably nice. The better-known attractions are, er, better-known... However, there may be some lesser-known ones that might be of interest to others on here. Today, by chance, I was picking up an eBay purchase next to Nesscliffe Hill Country...
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    Tap modifications.

    Over the years I have modified around thirty of these (what I still think of as 'modern') taps.They have a completely unnecessary fault which manifests itself after a few years, usually. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture showing the internals, where the actual problem is, but the washer...
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    Electra Glide in Blue.

    I've always regarded this as one of my "favourite films", although tonight's viewing may only have been the fourth, and I haven't seen it since the very early 1980s. I wasn't disappointed, even better than I 'remembered'. A large bottle of Nigerian Guinness with it, containing slightly over...
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    Things you can do online...

    ... during your confinement. I might need throat surgery first, but it might suit others better.
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    The Man Who Would Be King.

    A radio adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's The Man Who Would Be King.. Some may have seen the Sean Connery/Michael Caine film version - notable for containing Karoom Ben Bouih's debut performance as Kafu Selim, at the age of 103.
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    The Skewer.

    .. by John Holmes - Very clever, amusing and entertaining. But, also, massively depressing.
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    What is this for?

    Found in an upper kitchen cupboard when moving into an empty, pre-owned house. Screwed to the bottom of the cupboard. Apparently home-made. Slots seem too skinny to safely use to lean plates against the end wall. The central rib presumably has some function, or it wouldn't need to be there...
  18. Gramaisc

    2020 Railway Exhibition - at the Showground - 1st/2nd February.

    It's almost that time again. Saturday, 10am - 5pm, Sunday, 10am - 4:30pm. I would suggest being aware of potential swamp conditions for the car parking arrangements... Details -
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    In Their Element.

    This was today's soundtrack whilst finishing the shed ceiling.
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    Recycled Radio - with Gerald Scarfe.

    I ran through all five series of this - whilst doing the shed ceiling job. Great stuff.