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    Webbies wanted

    Please have a snoop at classifieds. 2 x Web Jobs Good salaries, great team :)
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    Job: Web Developer (front end / multimedia)

    Wanted: Web Developer Location: Wolverhampton - Close to train station, very easy commute. Salary: £24,877 - £27,183 pa Details at: See word file for job spec. Additional jobs perks: FREE tea and coffee. Usually biscuits as well.
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    Job: Web Editor

    Wanted: Web Editor Location: Wolverhampton - Close to train station, very easy commute. Salary: £27,999 - £30,594 pa Details at: See word file for job spec. Additional jobs perks: FREE tea and coffee. Usually biscuits as well.
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    Bloomin' weather

    Correct me if I'm wrong, are we not in the middle of August? Why am I sitting here in a hoodie and my toastiest socks and still feeling chilly? Am I coming down with a cold or is anyone else feeling a tad nippy of the evening. Disgraceful :(
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    Daft job titles

    Anyone in here got a silly job title - or heard of something outrageous considering it's true worthiness? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. :heyhey:
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    Dare to be digital - support the West Mids

    Much respect and skill points going to anyone that helps out the only West Mids team to make it through to the final round of 'Dare to be Digital'. If you would like to help the guys you can: 1 > Get more general info at: 2 > Get on a do the voting...
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    Anyone used Python for anything? Worth deliving in to? Want to expand my portfolio and am wondering what else I can tinker with.
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    I know how old you are...

    YOUR AGE BY EATING OUT YOUR AGE BY DINER & RESTAURANT MATH DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST! It takes less than a minute. Work this out as you read Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out! 1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like...
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    Google sight seeing

    Why have I never found this site before! Just been looking at a whistle stop tour of England and found this one rather amusing: Didn't get planning permission? Hide it under a giant hay stack!
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    Microsoft + creative in the same sentence? An oxymoron I thought, until I saw this: I have to admit I have already posted a link to this in the You Tubage thread but thought it was so darn good that it should also be plonked in here.
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    Second Life

    Has anyone bothered with Second Life in anyway? Worth the effort or not? There is a lot of 'jump on the band wagon' interest floating around at work which means I may well be lumbered with doing some dev work in there. Thoughts / experiences etc?
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    Real life terror

    Random conversation at work has inspired me to start a new thread... We have the Happy thread and the Rant thread - how's about the Terror thread? What scares / has scared you of late? Example that led to this post: Wasps 'n' bees I don't have a fear of the furry, stinging little blighters -...
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    OMG - how badly do I want one of these!
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    Do you know what this means?

    Hello all: Favour please?! Most grateful for any help. I already know what this means - I'm trying to gauge as to how many people in IT related jobs know what this means. Please don't Google it... Do you know what CPD is? / What does CPD mean to you? Cheers :)
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    Worst Christmas prezzie in the world

    OK - so we're not quite there yet. But I thought it might be good to set up somewhere to vent about all the really rubbish crimbo prezzies you have received. More socks? Given the Mrs a iron and been thrown out the house? Amount of smellies received given you a complex about body odour? Share...
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    New routes for walkies...

    Plea on behalf of my pooch. "Dear Stafford Forum, My owner lacks imagination and inbuilt mapshare technology. I have a choice of three routes for walkies - all of which are becoming a bit boring. I've sniffed the same lamp posts and widdled on all the junction boxes too many times. I live in...
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    That Festive Feeling

    So - how are all you chaps and chapesses getting in to the festive mood? I officially switched on my lights at work this morning - I attracted a massive crowd of about one at the launch! I call it, "My Cubicle Christmas". I've seen a few OTT house displays already :)
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    Support the Black Country!

    Hello all - plea for help here... The People's £50 million Lottery Giveaway is down to four finalists - and the Black Country Urban Park bid is one of them. Voting opens Monday 26 November - please vote Black Country! Have a look at the project...
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    Wanted: Providers of CD replication and Flash drives

    Can anyone recommend a good company for mass CD replication and production of branded USB Flash drives? Got a VERY vague brief wanting info on companies that can replicate a CD-ROM - count unknown but will be in the thousands. Also for USB Flash drives that we need to receive with all the...
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    In dire DIRE need of help > FWX files

    These files have just landed at my feet with instructions to amend them > they're fwx files. Not worked with 'em before. I only need to alter html markup within the fwx files but cannot even open the darn things without getting a tonne of gobbledygook (like they've been encoded but I jolly well...