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    Health & Safety Police in town

    Reveived the HSE news update the other day.... I know, I love to live on the wild side..... and there was a "local interest story" in there: Dangerous Window Cleaning in Stafford NB: Click the image on that line to enlarge it :)
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    Free! Pallet wood

    Hi folks, I have a load of broken down pallet wood available to anyone who wants it. It's all broken down into planks but over half still have the nails in. Ideal for burning, our take the nails out and build something.... which is what I did..... First person who can collect gets it, I'm in...
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    Wanted Patio Table

    Bit of a long shot / cheeky, but if you don't ask..... My patio table recently gave up the ghost - chairs are fine - so wondering if anyone has a patio table they no longer need that I could have or even borrow...? Not too fussy but would need to be table height rather than coffee take...
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    Wanted Boxes wanted for house move please

    Hi folks, I'm shortly to move house and am looking to get everything packed up in preparation. If anyone has loads of cardboard (or otherwise) boxes that they no longer need then i'd love to have them please. Maybe you've recently moved house yourself? Or maybe you are a company (or work for...
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    Window Cleaner Wanted

    Did a search and although there was a few previous discussions, nothing too recent which meant many links no longer worked etc. So anyway - does anyone have recommendation for a window cleaner that covers the Newport Road / Castlefields areas please? Would prefer a hand job than a big pole if...
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    More geek projects - DIY TV lift cabinet.....

    No words needed, watch the video: Full project including parts / materials list and instructions are HERE
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    St Mary's Gate (off Tixall Road)

    I walked past the (soon to be) St Mary's Gate development up by the Crem a couple of days ago and was shocked by what I saw, only because I didn't even know they were developing that site. I thought at first it was to do with the work Severn Trent are doing..... Then when I looked at the plans...
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    Create your own Ambi-light for your TV

    Just seen this on Youtube whilst browsing.... so, so, tempted to give this a go... looks cook:
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    Great Events of the Shire and Surrounds

    Afternoon all, After years of living in Stafford and having many friends visit many times, i'm running out of things to do. So I thought i'd start a thread of all of the great events that happen throughout the year that are recommended... So come on peeps, what events within, say an hour and a...
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    Where to eat tonight?

    Off out for a meal tonight and was wondering where have offers on? I think I read that Spice Island is buy one, get one free on main meals, but does anywhere else do anything? Is Spice Island any good these days?
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    Stafford is on FIRE! SP Fireworks factory ablaze on Baswich

    Just come from Milford way and there is masses of smoke coming from Baswich area. Twitter reports suggest a load of fireworks have caught fire somewhere over that way? Would tie in with the mass of blues and twos that i've seen going that way. Anyone know anything?
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    Max Edensor Barbers

    Drove past Max Edensor the other day and noticed they were having a re-fit. Seems to be done and re-opened now. Signage is still the same as before but when I went past there was a younger, trendier guy in there - has the old guy gone now? Anyone know anything? Stafford needs a decent barbers...
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    Google Cardboard - anyone tried it yet?

    Come on fellow Stafford Forum geeks, who's tried Google Cardboard? I've got my headset on order but coming from China it could be a few weeks. So excited, cannot wait. To anyone who hasn't got a clue: Headset Linky Video about it
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    Wolseley Bridge Antiques Place - Closed

    Drove past the Wolesley Bridge antiques place this morning and noticed it was all closed up with a "To Let" sign up... That is all....
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    YouGov Surveys - Earn £££'s from home

    Don't know if anyone already does this, but I have been doing YouGov surveys for a few years now and have earned a few hundred quid in the process. The way it works is simple, you register with the site, they send you links to surveys, you complete the surveys and get points. The surveys pay...
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    Wanted Shed roof felt

    Afternoon all, Just bought my little girl a wooden play house but strangely it has no protection on the wooden roof. Was wondering if anyone had a bit of felt sitting in the garage that they wouldn't mind passing my way? Would need to cover approximately 1.4m long by 2m wide. Cheers
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    Free! Golf Trolley and Car Vacuum

    Hi folks, Cleared the shed out at the weekend and have the following free to anyone who wants them: 1. A folding golf trolley - think its Slazenger make - very basic but folds up nice and small and does the job. 2. A mini car vacuum that plugs into the cigarette lighter and sucks stuff up...
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    Hugh wind turbine appeared

    Is it just me, or has a huge wind turbine just recently appeared behind the woods at Blackheath Lane? I was at the University sports centre on Beaconside last night and noticed it but never have done prior.
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    Gymnastics for infants in / around Stafford

    Hi folks, I visited friends at the weekend and saw their little one go to gymnastics class which he (and my little one) obviously both loved to bits, so thought I would find something more regular for my little one around Stafford.... can I find anything? Can I heck... Stafford Gymnastics...
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    Vivid Ink - Litter Bugs

    Drove past Stafford's trendiest tattoo parlor last night and stopped at the lights, saw some staff or possibly customers of Vivid Ink stood in the doorway smoking. On finishing their cigarettes they couldn't be bothered to walk the 100cm to the bin right outside so flicked their cigarette ends...