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  1. 80's kid

    Acton Gate call center (Argos)

    Just found out the call center at Acton Gate will be closing down sometime in the new year. Not a total suprise as it was going to close in 2026 anyway. The Wife has been there 18 years & i'd imagine quite a few fellow Staffordians have worked there over the years.
  2. 80's kid

    Reading Glasses found in Stafford

    I hope they can read the message. :P No fun losing varifocals, my Wifes last pair cost nearly £700!
  3. 80's kid

    What does this symbol mean ?

    All i'm getting is 'nuclear physicist lives here'. Not sure what else the atomic icon whould represent?
  4. 80's kid

    Bit of a storm!

    Quite the electrical display we are having over the town tonight! Either that or we are being nuked/alien invasion.
  5. 80's kid

    Big Fire on Astonfields

    Looks nasty, can see the flames from Manor Estate!
  6. 80's kid

    Virgin Media internet down in ST17

    Odd, was fine here last night/eve (ST17 Manor Estate area).
  7. 80's kid

    What games are everyone playing right now?

    Mad Max on the PS4 & Eve Online on PC. Been playing the latter on & off since '08.
  8. 80's kid

    Focus - I mean Homebase have jobs!!

    I was told by someone 'in the know' that the Stafford store would only stay open until the lease is up. Don't know if that's still happening though...
  9. 80's kid

    Another one gone - Shops closing in Stafford

    Auto Aids on the Wolverhampton road is up for sale (well the building it's in anyway). Not sure how long they've been there, but must be a good few decades.,-2.116098,3a,75y,77.03h,80.03t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAyYuD8YtRoqO3rC3lfuZAw!2e0?hl=en
  10. 80's kid

    South End (Moss Pit, Burton Manor, Rising Brook, Rickerscote) People...

    I'm sure there must be some events. Having worked nights & weekends the past eight years, i'm long out of touch.
  11. 80's kid

    Another one gone - Shops closing in Stafford

    There is a sign in the window saying that they are not closing down, jut having a warehouse clearance. (I think the sign is in the side window)
  12. 80's kid

    Welfare Reform

    Was a bit worried abot the Bedroom Tax one until I learned what it actually meant!
  13. 80's kid

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    I Missed the first game but played though Terror from the Deep on the Playstation & X-Com Apocalypse on the PC. I will be getting this for the Xbox when it comes down to budget price.
  14. 80's kid

    Orange T-mobile network problem?

    Mine was working Thursday, dead Friday & fine again today.
  15. 80's kid

    Orange T-mobile network problem?

    Yes I forgot to mention that the internet was actually working better than it normaly does!
  16. 80's kid

    Orange T-mobile network problem?

    It's been a pain to get a signal on my phone since last Friday (I've had to change from T-moblie to Orange/T-mobile & back again on the network settings to get it to work for a few minuites at a time). Of course, today (the one day of the week I don't need to use the phone) it's been fine.
  17. 80's kid

    Its a bit windy today...

    The large signpost outside the Nesbitt has come down, but luckily it's fallen sideways onto the lawn.
  18. 80's kid

    Taxi in Stafford - Your experiences

    Sounds a bit on the expensive side. The wife had her sister visit a couple of weeks ago & she was charged £4.50 from the station to ST17 (Manor Estate), which comes in at just under a mile longer than your journey. Google maps will give you a route if you enter the postcodes into the 'get...
  19. 80's kid

    Back entrance of Tesco

    The're expanding the pop/alcohol aisles to use up the space that used to be at that end of the store. The're also moving the area by the tv's around and adding a new laptop display & phone shop.
  20. 80's kid

    Roads at standstill - Accident on Wolverhampton Rd, Wed 8th Feb 2012

    Nasty accident involving a lorry by St .John's road on the A449. Must be bad as I got turned around even though I was on foot!