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    Mundane facts about your day: Part Deux.

    There's a table on here that might be useful -
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    Stafford HC Beer, Hockey & Music Festival.

    Reminder - The festival starts tonight
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    Bargain boast.

    We got a load of meat from there a few weeks ago when they had some special offers on, nearly filling our freezer. The chicken breasts are huge as well. Considerably bigger than what you usually get in supermarkets. The sirloin steaks were probably the best bargain, 10 steaks for £20
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    Worst Pot Holes in Stafford.

    When we bought our previous house on Saxonfields, I'm sure there was something in the purchase docs prohibiting the storage of boats on top of the garage...the property that we were buying had an integral garage
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    Stafford HC Beer, Hockey & Music Festival.

    Reminder - this starts tonight We have 20 real ales, 8 ciders and a well stocked gin bar. Thursday Bar opens from 5pm Legends Hockey matches from 6pm Food available from Paul's Kitchen Friday Bar open from 2pm Junior hockey matches from 5pm Food available from The Wedding Pizza company...
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    Stafford HC Beer, Hockey & Music Festival.

    After a two year break we're very excited to invite you to this year's Beer, Hockey & Music Festival at Stafford Cricket & Hockey Club on Riverway. Thursday 28th - Saturday 30th April. There will be a great selection of ales and ciders from our beer festival, a well stocked gin bar as well as...
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    What's for dinner/tea?

    Was particularly chuffed with my cooking efforts for Mother’s Day. Beef Wellington, dauphinois potatoes, swede & carrot mash, sweetheart cabbage & broccoli, followed by apple crumble and washed down with a couple of bottles of Campo Viejo Tempranillo. Scrummy. Bonus in that we’ve got enough...
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    Salary negotiations

    I’ve always avoided talking about salary in interviews and waited until they’ve come back with an offer. That’s usually happened via a recruiter so it’s feels different negotiating via a third party. At that point the company have also made it clear they want me for the role so I’m in a far...
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    Talk to me about... Energy Tariffs.

    Once your deal ends I suspect you will move to the price cap rate. At the moment the price cap rate is cheaper than any of the fixed or variable rate deals on offer so the advice would probably still be to stay where you are unless you really have to move. Martin Lewis explained this well in...
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    Christmas 2021.

    For our Christmas dinner I usually make Turkey, Ham glazed with orange and whisky, roast potatoes, parsnips, cauliflower cheese, braised red cabbage with apple, swede & carrot mash, sprouts, possibly another green veg, stuffing, bread sauce, cranberry sauce and lashings of gravy. I always make...
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    Stafford Cricket & Hockey Club Re-Opening

    Good to hear you enjoyed the fireworks event :)
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    Done, thanks for the heads up
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    I was warned a small lump might be a poss side effect when I had my Pfizer jab this week and not to panic if I noticed one. Fortunately the only side effect I suffered was a slightly sore arm for a day
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    I've always been of the opinion that it's someone productivity and output that should be measured and not for how long they have sat in a chair. If someone can do their job it shouldn't matter to me as their employer/manager where they are when they do it. That also applies to being flexible to...
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    For Sale 10 AS NEW JIGSAWS £20

    Hi, @Staffordballs, are these still available please?
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    For Sale Pine Media Unit

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    For Sale Pine Media Unit

    A solid pine bookcase/shelving unit with a glass door and single drawer at the bottom. The main compartment has an adjustable height shelf and a cable hole at the back to allow the use of electronic devices. 85cm tall, 44.5cm deep, 44cm wide £35
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    Floor tile restoration

    Does anyone have any recommendations for companies that can repair and restore Minton tiled floors? I’ve been able to find companies that do cleaning services but not repairs. Some of the tiles in our hall at the bottom of the stairs have become cracked and chipped due to the floor being...
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    Rugby Club progress...

    You really don't take a hint do you!
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    Stafford Traffic.

    Yep, we’re flooded again. Fortunately not as much damage as last time. The irony is we were due to meet with the Environment Agency at the end of the month to plan our flood defences/prevention strategy