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    Proxy Voting.

    I've gone the postal route in the end. The will send the paperwork to you, at an address you give them in another country. The postal vote does need to be done by you, they want a picture of a signature to compare to the one that you'll put on the vote itself. It should work, but there will be...
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    General Election, Blow Job Style

    I am not in the UK. If you do the online application successfully, then they will send it to the address that you give them.
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    General Election, Blow Job Style

    Just done the online postal vote application. I had to provide a picture of a sample signature. I was told not to use coloured ink. I did, though, as this seems to me to be a fairly fundamental part of the function of ink.
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    General Election, Blow Job Style

    Good date to pick. Flights to the US will be cheaper after then.
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    Stafford Traffic.

    M6 southbound between J14 & J13 looks stuffed. Red lines everywhere on the traffic map. Stay where you are for now...
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    Mmm, an attempt is being made to fully restructure the whole pecking order.
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    The Sandonia.

    This picture popped up today - the Alhambra in Normacot. Rather similar in style, I thought. Demolished in the 90s, I believe.
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    Stafford Traffic.

    I understand that Gaol Square, and a few of the associated road entrances onto it, are to be dug up intermittently for about fourteen weeks, starting on June 3rd.
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    What I Did This Weekend - In Pictures!

    Today's expedition was to our highest summit yet, a full twenty four feet higher than our previous record last year, at 3,035 feet. We started early, in low cloud from base camp, but emerged from that at around 1,200 feet, into a full summer's day. The route is via a concessionary path...
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, @Lucy
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    What are we watching on TV?

    I watched If... again a few days ago, for the first time in many years, having recovered the DVD during a period of domestic archaeology. More relevant now than when it was made, I think. Now, I'm rerunning Private Schulz, a truly superb example of the dramatic arts. Also, as a result of...
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    ex-EE/GEC/Alstom/GE Main Works Development.

    The earthquake table and the Innocenti foundations are probably shown on the geological maps... And growing potatoes in the gardens there is going to be a bit awkward.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Moving to England in the early 60s, from Malta, it seemed that it then rained virtually every day - but, then I noticed that it never rained on my birthday and that phenomenon has persisted annually ever since, even with a few near misses. Today's forecast for my locality promised intermittent...
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    Bargain boast.

    Some years ago, I bought a bottle of the cheapest red wine in Lidl - South African, screw top and £2:99 - it would do me, whatever it was like. It turned out to be the nicest wine that I've ever had. I went back the next day and bought all they had of it...
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    Google Street View.

    Apparently, it's been there for about sixty years.
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    Google Street View.

    There's little concrete evidence about what happened on this mission.,-95.6517814,3a,54.7y,41.14h,73.31t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stqKMUzgIdUtYzyl49C9tlg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
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    Mundane facts about your day: Part Deux.

    Today, I was required to give two characters from a password which hasn't been used since the last century, around 1996, I would think - and it's not even my password. I could tell from the tone of voice of the first questioner that I was close, with probably one of the two characters right, but...
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    Today I Found...

    ... an immaculately kept putting green. The grass was in absolutely tip-top fettle. I felt that it was remarkable, not least because of its remote location and the scale of the adjacent bunker, plus the over-sized water hazard. I did speak to an apprentice greenkeeper, but he was...
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    As I expected, the warmer weather, causing me to leave doors open, has provoked an extension of the theatre of operations. The entire house is just being inspected and, in particular, it has been noted that the washing up could be eased by a bit of careful pre-cleaning. Edit:- Mmm, I think...