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  1. Dabbler

    Free! Fire Surround - now collected

    Free to a good home, buyer to collect, stone resin fire surround and hearth. ST17
  2. Dabbler

    For Sale Aluminium Ladders (now gone)

    We’ve got a 1930s house, so fairly high and they did reach those, so should be doable (unless you’re in a really tall house 😂)
  3. Dabbler

    For Sale Aluminium Ladders (now gone)

    3.5m Aluminium Ladders, extendable to 6m. Good condition, buyer to collect, £50.
  4. Dabbler

    Proposal for new houses in Walton on the Hill.

    Click on the documents in the planning application to see the consultation responses 😀
  5. Dabbler

    Stafford Half Marathon.

    Good luck to all the runners. Such a shame there are some car drivers whose sense of entitlement is such that they cannot wait a few minutes to let runners past. I’ve just watched one lady get out of her car, remonstrate with the marshall and then proceed to drive round him to force her way...
  6. Dabbler

    Acton Hill Park

    Is this the same planning application that South Staffordshire Council refused, which has now gone to appeal? Is this the developer trying to create an argument to win at appeal? I don't suppose there is any mention of that in the leaflet they've put out...... It is important to object to this...
  7. Dabbler

    Stafford Traffic.

    Fair comment Withnail and if my journey today had been local I’d be right with you. But work commitments, distance and timings meant the car was a necessity for me today
  8. Dabbler

    Stafford Traffic.

    Sadly the horses within the funeral cortège were caught in the traffic jam too. Couldn’t work out what the cause of the delay was, other than the traffic lights by the crem. But it’s been a bad day to be out on the roads today, I was caught on the M6 northbound this afternoon, and with Stoke...
  9. Dabbler

    Stafford Gateway Masterplan.

    HS2 will not have a station stop in Stafford as far as I'm aware. However, the Handsacre link to the HS2 line means we will have classic compatible trains (whatever they are) which use the new line and will be faster. They will stop at Stafford station. HS2 isn't really about speed anyway, it's...
  10. Dabbler

    County Council Elections - 4th May

    Didn't there used to be a restriction that you couldn't do both? Not sure how many are in it for the money? What does a local councillor get as an allowance these days, didn't think that it was a huge amount, but could well be wrong!
  11. Dabbler

    Common Road closed

    Just driven down there 10 minutes ago, didn't see anything at all, road fully open, so whatever it was must have been cleared up!
  12. Dabbler

    Stafford shops closing - Turning into a ghost town?

    Had a walk into town today, see they're repairing / replacing the drainage channels by Cafe Nero / Specsavers, which means lifting and relaying all the brick sets too. Looked like not a bad job.
  13. Dabbler

    Morrisons pass on leasehold interest at Kingsmead.

    Is it this one that you were looking for? It would be great to see some action on this so that it finally opened up.
  14. Dabbler

    Morrisons pass on leasehold interest at Kingsmead.

    Thought that planning permission to split the large unit into 3 smaller units had been approved by the borough council....
  15. Dabbler

    Severn Trent have closed the road from Wolseley Bridge to Weeping Cross

    I drove on this road early this morning, it was very flooded - almost turned back, but did get through safely. The flooded area is up near the back entrance to Shugborough & there was a lot of ice / slush on that road this morning so probably a good call to close it!
  16. Dabbler

    Beaconside sports centre

    They have been advertising some jobs, Head of Estates and Head of HR were 2 of the ones I can recall seeing in December, there were some others but can't remember what....
  17. Dabbler

    Staffordshire Place

    I must have beaten you to them, you'll have to get up earlier next year :)
  18. Dabbler

    Staffordshire Place

    Did you try the chocolate orange mince pies and the salted caramel mince pies that were on sale in Aldi this year? Lasted about 30 seconds in our house!!!
  19. Dabbler

    Stafford shops closing - Turning into a ghost town?

    I've just looked at the Borough Council website, the business rates relief scheme seems to be quite well defined. Will be interesting to see how successful it is.
  20. Dabbler

    The future of town centers? - Discussion

    To be fair @kyoto49 I can't take the credit for that idea, it was @Bodger on the last page. But I do think it is a good idea and ought to be pursued. And you're right, the Council would definitely not employ me, and I wouldn't want to be employed by them, I'm quite happy in my own world!!!