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    Mundane facts about your day: Part Deux.

    The first Mundane facts about your day thread was a bit unwieldy, weighing in at over 1500 pages, so I thought it best to close that and start a new one. Today I had some pickled onion Monster Munch.
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    Announcement The Changening 2021

    Hello, beloved Forumites, tis I, your omnipotent yet aloof Administrator. Like most normal human beings, I hate change. Change is scary. Change is unpredictable. I like a familiar chair, a nice cup of tea in the same mug I always use, and a familiar face on the telly. Change is for...
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    The Market Vaults.

    I have closed the old Market Vaults thread, and created this new one, as it is an entirely new venture. :) Thanks to everyone who has posted information gleaned from elsewhere; I'll repost it here for convenience (click for full size): As with...
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    Schools in Stafford - Discussions & opinions

    Just creating this thread to avoid derailing this thread. :) All general discussion of schools in Stafford in here, please. Thanks. :)
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    Important Rules for the Meeting People in Stafford section

    Reaching out in the hope of meeting someone is already a difficult thing to do, so let's try and make it easier on fellow Staffordians by being nice, eh? I shouldn't need to impose rules, one would have thought the following are common sense, but just in case: Rules for the Meeting people in...
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    New! Single in Stafford? Or just looking for friends?

    By popular demand, here is a forum dedicated to meeting people in real life. It could be that you're single and looking for that special someone, or perhaps you just want to find friends to have coffee with - this is the forum for you. :) If anyone has any specific requests for things they...
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    How should Stafford Forum implement a dating system?

    I have been asked a few times now about the possibility of a dating / general flirting section on The Forum. I'd love to do this, but I'm not sure how. Anyone got any ideas? I could make a private forum, and only people who want access and can prove they are over 18 could see it. Other than...
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    Scottish independence - vote now!

    As per this thread, should Scotland be an independent country, in your opinion? I have omitted the 'It's up to them' option from the original thread, as the question isn't "Who should decide?", it is "Should Scotland be independent?", so one should have an opinion regardless of who the deciders...
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    How to encourage people to set an avatar?

    An awful lot of members here haven't given themselves an avatar. I'm not sure why, so I thought I'd see if there was anything I/other members could do to help those who are "avatarless"? There is a big scrolling message at the top of The Forum for anyone who doesn't have an avatar, explaining...
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    Chat about children, families, etc. in Stafford and beyond!

    I have created this new Children and Family sub-forum in response to an excellent suggestion from @Wormella, who observed that "there are probably loads of pregnancy / baby / children & family things happening in Stafford, but it's hard to find out about things!" I know a lot of parents use...
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    Stafford Forum Facelift of September 2014 - New features in here!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we're back! Sorry it took so long; we had few - ahem - hiccoughs to deal with! Unfortunately, I can't hang around now to explain all of the new features, so I'll just leave it with you for now and hope that nothing breaks. If anyone notices anything that they think needs...
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    Problems with The Forum during upgrade - August 2014

    Whilst I have been "fiddling", I haven't done anything to the styling used. :hmm: Am I right in thinking that you use Opera Mini browser, littleme? If so, it will be due to the way that it works, I'm afraid (it doesn't show you websites directly; it compresses them via Opera's servers to try...
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    Should we replace the Events system with a normal Events forum?

    I am in the process of upgrading Stafford Forum. There are a lot of brilliant features that this will bring, which I will announce at a later time, but I've hit a bit of a stumbling block. The Events system that we use was created by a third party, who now no longer seems to support the...
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    Planned maintenance - Forum temporarily closed Thu 07/08/2014

    Hello there, my beloved Forumites. :) Since opening our doors in 2006, Stafford Forum has gone from strength to strength. It has grown from a handful of friends arguing over who is best, Ali's or Al Karim's, to over 2500 members (and we still haven't found an answer to that question, I dare...
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    [Wed 1 May 2013] Meet Stafford Hospital Administrators

    A chance to meet with the Support Stafford Hospital group, independent supporters, Administrators in charge of Stafford Hospital, and any other related parties. Please see this thread for details and discussion...
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    [Sat 20 Apr 2013] Support Stafford Hospital march!

    Public march in support of Stafford Hospital! Saturday 20th April 2013 Please see the official page for full details, including route, itinerary, etc: :stafford:
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    Should this be a tightly controlled "Rated Local Services" type forum?

    Prompted by a suggestion in another thread, I am thinking of making this Local Services forum more tightly controlled, to improve its usefulness and make it easier to navigate. Everyone would still be able to reply to posts as normal, as in any other sub-forum, but the only person that could...
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    Funny YouTube videos: The Video Strikes Back

    I have closed the original YouTube lolz thread as it was becoming very large and unwieldy, so here is a new one for all of your links to cats playing pianos, Koreans doing silly dances, and other very important World events. ;)
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    How to make Stafford Forum easier for newbies?

    Very good point, and one that I am constantly aware of. If anyone has any suggestions for how we can make life easier for newbies, and encourage them to register & get stuck in, please let me know in this thread. :) If there are any specific questions about The Forum, please feel free to ask...