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    Live at the Castle

    If it gets the chop perhaps it would be time for the Stafford Forum Festival. As the Business/Pie Club has already show - together we are mighty!
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    Universal benefits

    Erm, yeah, right. Yep. Judging from your posts in this thread, Shoes, it looks like you may be feeling a little under the weather...
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    Station car park

    In case of attack by huge inverted bowls of single cream. The whisks can sort them out on the double.
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    Malabar Competition - Win Two 'All You Can Eat' Meals

    I love Malabar because it is the best by far.
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    The Pie and Ale House

    Please bring back the Heidi Pie!!!
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    GDW Custom Guitars + Obzidian.... Stafford music

    Looking very nice!
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    In need of a conference type room for a presentation

    The Gatehouse has various rooms with all facilities - - ask to speak to Denise.
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    Community Service ...

    Sounds like it was the same lot who did the Odysseus Greek restaurant, formerly known as the Castle Tavern. There is almost as much paint on the pavement as the walls!
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    The MET Studio at Stafford Gatehouse

    Funny that, isn't it? If you've never know anything else I suppose you haven't got anything to compare it to. Someone should write a song about how good Stafford is...
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    Cameron a Queer

    And he's married.
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    Vidal Lounge Mill St

    The lights went up last night. They hope to be open on Saturday.
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    Stafford Forum Local Business Pie Club

    Having talked to lots of people about this it appears the general mood is for this club to be as informal as possible, so it will be Hawaiian national dress for me.
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    What do you think about this?

    Ah, another consultation. I wonder if this one will be like the last two I have documented (Western Access Road - and Incinerator sham Using my magic powers of prediction I can see into the future! I predict that whatever the results of this...
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    Stafford Forum Local Business Pie Club

    I will be there. Anyone else?
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    Running a cable through a chimney.

    If you try it out I would suggest giving the fire brigade a bell first.
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    Stafford Forum Local Business Pie Club

    I would greatly welcome this taking place - first Wednesday of the month would be easily memorable for me.
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    Vidal Lounge Mill St

    If they start doing food and offer a take away service they could call it "Nosh and Go"
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    Vidal Lounge Mill St

    Perhaps they've still got to shampoo the carpets, especially given the conditioner they were in.
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    What about AV?

    If anything I would expect there to be an increase in turnout because fewer people would feel that their vote was ineffectual. Perhaps AV would shake some people out of their apathy.
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    Letters to the Editor.

    It is surprising that David S Parker and co have not yet written to the Post saying that Stafford Forum causes immigrants/cancer/tax rises, and that it is the root of all evil/immigration/unfair taxation/wind farms/bureaucracy/EU legislation/etc...