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  1. sandonia

    Settee. Suite sofa

    Hi. We have been looking for a sofa etc for our lounge. We have looked at DFs. SCs. Next. Westbridge and sofa City. Nothing grabs my attention. Is there anyone else out there having this problem too. Where to go next.. Help...
  2. sandonia

    For Sale GOT dvds

  3. sandonia

    Tooth extraction

    I'm booked in to have one of my back tooth taken out tomorrow. Its fractured, now my question is what do I expect to it be like. I am dreading it. I have a diazepam to take before I go. Hubby is driving me there. Its the after care and pain I'm worried about. What are your experances and...
  4. sandonia

    Carpet binding

    I have some spare off cuts so does anyone know where I can take this to get it binded. Thanks
  5. sandonia

    Wanted Aerobic step

    Had anyone got a exercise step they no longer use or need. I got rid of mine and my son was using it... Oooppps
  6. sandonia

    Local fencer

    Any recommendations for someone to supply and fit concrete posts and fencing. Thanks in advance. Neighbour has been let down.
  7. sandonia

    Patio doors

    We are wanting to replace our patio doors as there is a gap and they let in cold air They are very old now. Has anyone had bifold doors fitted I'm just wondering of the cost if its out of my range I'll just replace them and any recommendations for local suppliers and fitters. Thanks
  8. sandonia

    Sandyford meadow

    Does anyone know where this is. I'd never heard of it. I have been doing some local research and it's a place where they used to execute people
  9. sandonia

    Roofer needed

    Any recommendations for a local roofer. Been let down by a few Thanks
  10. sandonia

    Free! lockable metal filing cabinet

    Tall grey metal filing cabinet. Sandon Rd free to collect.
  11. sandonia

    Wanted Frank Baker

    Hi Has anyone got the book by local man Frank Baker kept a shop on Marston Road a few years back. Would be interested in reading this.
  12. sandonia

    For Sale Tv

    Toshiba 32 inch tv flat screen with stand and remote ST16 area .£55.
  13. sandonia


    Hi My son is going travelling with his mate next May, Starting in Canada. Any one on here done this and what are your memories. Thanks
  14. sandonia

    Free! lockable metal filing cabinet

    4 drawer grey metal cabinet space needed
  15. sandonia

    For Sale lockable metal filing cabinet

    grey 4 drawers lockable with key FREE Space needed ST16 area
  16. sandonia


    Hi Anyone recommend a local plaster. Thanks
  17. sandonia

    Free! FREE DRIVE GATES (2 )

    WROUGHT IRON each one 5ft 3 inch wide by 2ft 10 high FREE COLLECTION ONLY.ST16 AREA
  18. sandonia


    The place called the Outwoods near Newport and Stafford ,im sure i heard it was famous for something ,or did i dream it . Thread moved to Surrounding Areas.
  19. sandonia

    For Sale wrought iron pair of driveway gates

    each one 5ft 3 inch wide by 2ft 10 high , will need repainting ,£40. St16 area