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  1. Prawn cocktail

    A Brief History of Time (at the Reynolds Bar)

    Thursday night was a great night. Had too ring in work sick on many Friday mornings after going there. Also had a knock on effect, the Wagon and Horses used to be really busy then.
  2. Prawn cocktail

    Stafford UPVC Windows

    Would they not send a sparky? As any work would have to be certified.
  3. Prawn cocktail

    Lowndes Fruits closed across Staffordshire

    Such a shame I was only in there yesterday buying my fruit and veg for the week. Stafford town centre is so difficult to get in and out of and the parking charges are quite high.
  4. Prawn cocktail

    strange letter

    You ask them to send a cheque.
  5. Prawn cocktail

    Disabled parking at Stafford Hospital.

    Had to go to New Cross the other day and the barriers on the carpark were broken, so they had a guy stood out there in the pouring rain, just to collect £2.50 off every driver. Hope he was getting paid a good whack for doing that, as he was soaked, then again I very much doubt it.
  6. Prawn cocktail

    Disabled parking at Stafford Hospital.

    Not anymore! Did that a few weeks ago and was told that i would have too pay.
  7. Prawn cocktail

    Disabled parking at Stafford Hospital.

    I have not been one to criticise Stafford Hospital. However I cannot condone what they done in relation to the disabled parking provision there. Now anybody with a Blue Badge has to pay to park, using a pay and display machine which is situated by the main entrance. For a start there is not...
  8. Prawn cocktail

    Get Windows 10 free

    They might be doing this because this is going too be the last Operating System that they are building. Once you have Windows 10, they will be charging for all updates and apps.
  9. Prawn cocktail

    Red Traffic light jumpers

    Here is what the law says regarding Box junctions
  10. Prawn cocktail

    Red Traffic light jumpers

    It is. The worst one is the by the cinema at rush hour. People just seem to ignore it.
  11. Prawn cocktail

    Living by the train tracks

    Grew up living this close to the train tracks. Sometimes when very fast trains come through, the whole house shakes. You get used to it though, after a while. i am now a very heavy sleeper and put it down to this.
  12. Prawn cocktail

    Red Traffic light jumpers

    I was in Nottingham the other week and most of the lights had cameras on them, to stop this. While we are on this subject, I can't believe the amount of drivers that don't know what a Box Junction is, and just stop inside them, when they should not. I must see this loads of times every day.
  13. Prawn cocktail

    Staffordshire Newsletter Website.

    I have just been on the Stafford Newsletter website and it is so difficult to navigate, with all the ads and other rubbish that is on there. I realise that they need to gain revenue from adverts but surely not from ones that ruin the browsing experience??
  14. Prawn cocktail

    Total eclipse Friday 20th March

    Need to be mindful of the damage that can be done to your eyes watching it though. Here is a safe way
  15. Prawn cocktail

    Labour predicted to win Stafford in May 2015 General Election by .03% Majority

    Problem is with Labour, they have moved too far away from traditional Labour values. There are very few true labour politicians left these days. They need too look at moving back to their roots and get a proper leader. None of the current batch of labour politicians have what it takes too be...
  16. Prawn cocktail

    Labour predicted to win Stafford in May 2015 General Election by .03% Majority

    I never said that this would sort the country out. What I said was that this country's media reports very rarely on this subject compared to subjects like immigration. We are always getting reports of how much benefit cheats cost the country, yet this is a small amount compared to the tax that...
  17. Prawn cocktail

    Labour predicted to win Stafford in May 2015 General Election by .03% Majority

    The thing is though. The way that the media portray the two cases is totally different. The person on the poverty line who is claiming a few quid extra to feed his wife and kids, is made out too be be a criminal, whereas the multi national company, is treated like normal.
  18. Prawn cocktail

    Labour predicted to win Stafford in May 2015 General Election by .03% Majority

    Can't believe that there is still a discussion going on about immigration in this country. The people of this country have been duped by the propaganda machine that is the main stream media. The focus of the media is on immigration, benefit claimants, etc, to deflect away from the real issue...
  19. Prawn cocktail

    Well that was money well spent...

    This is money which could have been better spent on our hospital services.
  20. Prawn cocktail

    New Takeaway Opening - Dylan's Takeaway

    Another takeaway!! Just what Stafford needs...