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    Possible Stafford WW1 Man found? Private Thomas Parker, born in 1885 in Stafford Read the whole article S
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    Wanted Home for one Hen

    My daughter has a chicken that needs a safe home? Until recently there were 3. Two have been taken by foxes so one on her own will not last long She's a Blacktail Hybrid and is a layer Can anyone offer her a home? S
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    Frank Sidebottom code cracked Anything to do our Bob? S
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    MET Comedy night 28/10

    Tickets booked ! S
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    "Platoon" - Truck convoys These used to be called "trains"? S
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    Tour de Lewis--May 1st Just registered S
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    Wanted Anyone who will shorten curtains?

    Can anyone recommend anywhere that will shorten curtains? 2 pairs 90" x 90" 1 pair 66" x 54 they need about 6" off the length S
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    Glasgow Station This Morning S
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    Virgin TV

    Any probs in ST17 tonight? S
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    Stafford Gasworks

    What year was it knocked down? S
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    Santa Run?

    What time is It Tomorrow? S
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    Is there a malfunction at Brancote? S "Phew"
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    Diesel spill

    There was a long trail of diesel spilt on the road earlier. Eastgate street round to the back of Marks & Spencers Bet it was a bus Very slippery on the pedestrian crossing S
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    Avoid Baswich Lane this afternoon Road resurfacing causing long delays S
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    I'm here

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    Try this
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    Dark Side scroll to the bottom for video S
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    ST Tankers

    Lots of Severn Trent Tankers parked on St Leonards and much pumping going on? S
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    Amy Winehouse

    Dead S
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    Mrs Brown's Boys Did you see it Gram? Stoof