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    Planners Gone Mad
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    Great Bridgeford Road

    WTF have they done to the Ecce road from near Cresswell to Great Bridgeford? It appears to have been resurfaced with giant size gravel. Fine in a council RangeRover, maybe, but like riding over rubble on a non-mountain bike. Apparently they spread it over the cracks and potholes, so you can't...
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    Another Leader Gone This is the same Stafford we're talking about, right?
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    New Year Predictions

    Stop Press: As result of foundation work on new shopping centre, buildings within quarter mile radius found to have structural defects. Council decides to bulldoze whole area and spend £300m on 56-storey replacement for Staffold Place and Riverslide offices. A smug spokesperson said: "We have...
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    Great Unsolved Mysteries of Stafford

    Why is part of Stafford Place still fenced off and have cladding missing?
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    Only in Stafford
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    Another Stafford Borough Council Brilliant Idea... Admin Edit: Added quoted article, for reference.
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    The Official Insane Conspiracy Theory Thread

    Don't post here if you think Stafford is 100% wonderful.
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    Stafford Borough Council Planning Officer found hanged after being "bullied"

    Appalling and very sad. Admin Edit: Post moved to new thread.
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    Stafford Sleaze and Scandal

    Councils work for us. Post here if they're not...