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    We currently use a content management system to manage our Web site at the place at what I work at, but the problem is it's shit. I'm currently looking into alternatives - one of which is for me and the other guy who work on the site to get some training and build it all from scratch (my HTML...
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    Guitar Hero World Tour

    Anyone know where I can get an extra Wii GHWT guitar controller from? I can only find them for up to GH3. Even ebay only has them for PS3 and 360.
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    Staff forum

    Does anyone's place of employment have a staff forum, and if so how is it policed? Am putting together a proposal for one where I work, but it needs to be worded in such a way so as not to send the organisation's top brass running for the hills. Basically, we want one in place but don't want...
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    Last Man Standing

    I can't get enough of this show. "Western" men in silly costumes/body paint/inappropriate footwear competing against tribespeople at their own weird sports = great telly.
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    Chris Moyles

    I am absolutely sick to death of this farking gob shite. The talentless blob of stubble-covered mashed potato must be rubbing his hands together over the fact he's still got a Radio 1 contract despite knowing nothing about music and not being even remotely funny. The louder you say it, Chris...
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    Night courses

    Does anyone know of anywhere that offers night classes in back end web development? There's nowt wrong with me front end bidness, but I need some dynamics in my life. Stafford College appear to have naff all.
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    Stoke Beer Festival

    A festival with beer. In Stoke.
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    CSS viewer

    I've heard that with Firefox you can view a site's style sheets without having to look in the code to find the style sheet's address so you can download it. Is this a standard feature, or an add-on? And if it's an add-on does anyone know where I can download it, as I'm way too lazy to look...
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    Me birthday

    My birthday this Sunday. I will be drinking beer. Any forumites who would like to join me for beer, please PM me for details, or email/call me for those with my number, or speak to Upsetter etc, who I think knows the details.
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    The IT Crowd

    Didn't used to like it, but the 2 episodes I've seen from this series have been awesome. "There's somebody at the door There's somebody at the door"
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    Remind me...

    I've got to that stage where I can't for the life of me remember who posted what where and when. Can anyone point me in the direction of those instructions on how to make a photo of normal sized things look all small like they're part of a model railway type landscape? Sort of thing.
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    Helpful site for budding web designers. You can change the style sheet code on-screen, click submit and instantly see the corresping marked up content change.
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    Just used the script from this to make a countdown clock for the intranet at work...
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    Bargain CD of the week

    Inspired by Colin Grigson's bargain DVD thread: Got Estelle's album (can't remember what it's called) for £2 yesterday in HMV. Worth £2 for '1980' alone. The rest of it's probably shit, mind.
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    Noo Yoik

    Me and Anders Panders are going in September. Can anyone recommend anything really good, that isn't one of the obvious things we'll be doing anyway (Empire State building etc etc)? Can't wait to go to: a) the BAPE store b) a massive comic shop
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    Mark Ronson..., Birmingham Academy, 18 October. Oh aye.
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    MC Wrec Check 'The Great British Moan'. Good point, well made.
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    Die Hard 4.0

    The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I loved every minute of it. Now that's what a blockbuster movie's all about.
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    My Name is Earl

    "Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul...Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul..."