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  1. zebidee

    Japanese classes in Stafford.

    I thought I would signal boost the language courses at the University of Wolverhampton in Stafford. Not being entirely altruistic; I noticed their board outside had Japanese on it and went in to ask, as we are learning a bit at home. They are currently booking French Spanish Portuguese...
  2. zebidee

    Interior door fitters

    Hiya looking for a recommendation for local door fitter who can sort an interior sliding double door that is on its last legs (coming off runners, out of wall fitting, basically everything expect falling over!) Any recommendations for local joiners etc please? Want to give the business to a...
  3. zebidee


    oh guys, give us a hand please n tell me if this is fixable with parts n not a whole new tap job? this basin tap handle has come loose and doesn't work properly. It works with a screwdriver inserted and opens and closes with a 1/4 turn, but the handle is loose and doesn't open / close...
  4. zebidee

    For Sale Flute

    I am finally giving in and selling on most of my instruments in favour of dedicating myself properly to my piano (..We'll see...) Anyway, I have a lovely flute for sale, open to offers in the region of £100, collection only from Stafford ST16. great starter instrument. Pics of the flute on...
  5. zebidee

    Bathroom tiling

    Hey everyone, can I please get an opinion because I have no clue about these things! Would these tiles be appropriate for walls? I know they say floors, but other shops sell thicker tiles than these as floor and wall tiles. We want to tile the whole bathroom and this price per m2 looks so...
  6. zebidee

    For Sale Yamaha bass guitar starter kit

    I'm selling my pristine condition bass guitar, carry bag and amp. Will chuck in some books too. £150.
  7. zebidee

    Spare Entry to Stafford Half Marathon 2013

    Haven't put this in the other thread because I wanted it to be obvious. I have to pull out of the Half this year because my kid has been too ill and I haven't had time or energy to put into training. Would anyone like to take my place? I can transfer the place but only within the next week so...
  8. zebidee

    Boiler Problem!

    Hello people, I have a broken combi boiler :( The lights have all gone out and won't come back on and the pilot light is obviously out too. Anyone know a call out plumber who's any good (have left a message with Rikki already)
  9. zebidee

    Tap Water

    Ugh! My tap water has suddenly become cloudy, anyone had a problem too?
  10. zebidee

    Miss Red

    Your inbox is full!
  11. zebidee

    Bank Hol activities?

    Anything exciting happening today? We've found ourselves childfree for the day and feel at a loose end...
  12. zebidee

    Chickens eating their own eggs

    My bird is driving me demented, she lays and eats her egg instantly, it's getting to the point where she's probably going to be culled if I can't stop her. Anyone got experience?
  13. zebidee

    Fitting a bathroom: Rikkiiiiiii (and anyone else who knows!)

    Hey there, anyone had a bathroom fitted recently? We're toying with getting ours done but it really depends on price! I'm just wondering if I could have some kind of ballpark figure of how much fitting a bathroom would cost? I'm interested solely in how much to remove old stuff, fit new stuff...
  14. zebidee

    Stafford Half Marathon

    Forgive me if this is the wrong forum, I was struggling to decide where to put this, but seeing as it IS a Stafford thing, hopefully it'll be ok here! I'm running the half marathon today in aid of Home-Start Stafford and District (National website here) If anyone would like to pledge some...
  15. zebidee


    We've got plants growing out of the shared gutters on the front of our house and I'm suspicious of penetrating damp! Anyone care to lend us a big ladder please, or, failing that, the number of someone who can sort it out? Cheers m'dears!
  16. zebidee

    JB and SG Young - Cars?

    Anyone know anything about this guy in Penkridge selling cars? Need to get rid of our bucket-mobile and checking out what he's got :)
  17. zebidee

    Short walks on the Chase

    Hey guys, I'm keen to take my little one on a short walk over The Chase, my big plan this year is to make a traditional Yule log (non-edible kind, obv.) so I want to take her on a nature walk/foraging expedition. Problem is, I know sod all about The Chase, wouldn't know where to start and would...
  18. zebidee


    Little vid of a poetry slam that has been doing the viral rounds recently. I found it very powerful :) NSFW or when kids are around due to one carefully placed expletive: 'Pretty' by Katie Makkai
  19. zebidee

    Who's going to be writing new UK health policy?

    Apparently it's the new 'Behavioural Insight Unit' Courtesy of McDonald's et al Guardian Article
  20. zebidee

    Feeding babies, your opinions

    Hi everyone, I'm off on a breastfeeding course tomorrow and have some prep work to do! Seeing as you're a diverse bunch of people would you mind please answering a question for me?! "Do you think breastfeeding or formula feeding is the best way to feed a baby?" I really don't want this to...