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  1. J

    Anyone seen Dark Star?

    You were warned! It was a pre-emptive threat, which is allowed.
  2. J

    The IT Crowd

    Been seeing episodes from all over the place in random order. The one where Roy has to pretend to be disabled to avoid getting in trouble for using the disabled loo, and Moss has to pretend to work at the theatre to avoid getting in trouble for using the staff loo, was awesome.
  3. J

    Anyone seen Dark Star?

    Jesus! How long did it take you to dig up this thread? PS, I now have to kill you.
  4. J


    We currently use a content management system to manage our Web site at the place at what I work at, but the problem is it's shit. I'm currently looking into alternatives - one of which is for me and the other guy who work on the site to get some training and build it all from scratch (my HTML...
  5. J

    Guitar Hero World Tour

    They had some on Friday, but they may have gone now. May have to get one if there are any left, as the controller alone is about £35 everywhere I've looked, apart from on the Game Web site, where they were a tenner. But they're out of stock, so that's not really much use is it?
  6. J

    Guitar Hero World Tour

    World Tour has this star power bar thingy on it which I don't think earlier versions have. Might have to give one a go though - it looks like it may be the only one we can get. I didn't initially think earlier versions were compatible - just hope the wikinerds have got it right.
  7. J

    Guitar Hero World Tour

    Anyone know where I can get an extra Wii GHWT guitar controller from? I can only find them for up to GH3. Even ebay only has them for PS3 and 360.
  8. J

    YouTube lolz

  9. J

    YouTube lolz

    "Nobody loves with John McCain"
  10. J

    Zanzibar is dead!

    Nope. See you in 3 months.
  11. J

    Zanzibar is dead!

    As a building it's even more hideous than it was as a venue. Knock it down and plant a few trees or something.
  12. J

    Staffords Own Real Ale Festival

    Went Saturday afternoon - only managed 11 of the 96 (I think) tipples on offer, but topped them up with a jaunt around a variety of other establishments until 2 in the morning. Felt a bit weird on Sunday.
  13. J

    Mail..... anyone else had problems?

    The postie keeps leaving shit on the doorstep instead of putting a card through the door like they used to. It even says on the Royal Mail Web site that they'll leave a card if the package won't go through the letterbox. Have complained and am awaiting a reply - the old dear had something...
  14. J

    designer clothing in stafford?

    Have you tried Lapel (opposite the library entrance)? I know Mode don't sell it. Other than that, you're best bet is probably one of the clothes shops aimed at the more mature gentleman/golfer. I think TK Maxx have had Lyle & Scott in the past but I haven't seen any in there for ages.
  15. J

    'Isms have we loosened up, or am I just older?

    Good trick if you can do it.
  16. J

    Explain your Avatar!

    Mine is a chimp with a gun. Chimps with guns are cool.
  17. J

    Out of interest, can I ask what kind of market research was done for this? It seems from the few answers here that people generally wouldn't consider using the service, and, looking at the Web site, I wouldn't either. The site doesn't make it very clear what's going on, and the domain name...
  18. J

    Audacity sound recorder

    Skill point for that, bud. Downloading shizzle from there now.
  19. J

    Staff forum

    We have nothing at the moment, other than an Outlook-based system for people to post classified ads, which we would probably incorporate into the forum. A few teams have already asked if they can have forums for work-related questions, but what I don't want to do is start setting up umpteen...
  20. J

    Staff forum

    Does anyone's place of employment have a staff forum, and if so how is it policed? Am putting together a proposal for one where I work, but it needs to be worded in such a way so as not to send the organisation's top brass running for the hills. Basically, we want one in place but don't want...