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    Stafford Western Access Route.

    Thought I knew Stafford, but can't recognise any of that vid.
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    Defending the Floodplain.

    Lidos R Us, a great new development coming to Stafflood.
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    Angry Cyclist.

    He seems to have made a NY resolution to be angry again
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    Market Square paving.

    The future is lino and rejected PPE.
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    Stafford Traffic.

    Great to see the Chell Rd lido back in business again this morning, bigger and wetter than ever.
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    Stafford Traffic.

    Stupid Smart M6 traffic going through town for two weeks over Xmas, apparently
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    Nostalgia - What are your memories of Stafford?

    ... and to be young was very heaven.
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    Nostalgia - What are your memories of Stafford?

    Four narrow lanes, and vehicles pulling out. Good job no traffic! Any shots of the Wagon junction with Stone Rd,Tillington and Creswell Hall(s). Also what later became Brooklands School must have been prominent.
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    Stafford Traffic.

    The Tour de Doxey junction sponsored by Lidl and Halfords is taking shape, complete with trafficblocker mini roundabout. It was bad enough aleady.
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    Stafford shops closing - Turning into a ghost town?

    Meanwhile, there must be something they could do with the Guildhall 'shopping centre'? Re-opening the toilets might make it look like the owner cared (and generate some footfall)!
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    Nostalgia - What are your memories of Stafford?

    Great photo. Any more from that era? Orspital, praps?
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    Talk to me about Stafford high schools...

    i went to a grate schol! The teechers were brilliant fun, not like these plaices where you have to work and do boring lesson: boring: never got homwork todo either. when does anyone kneed to kno aout the battle of monty carlow or schrodingers dead cat??
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    Spotted on Isabel trail and Greyfriars, sauntering along. Not bovvered in the slightest.
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    Scooter Trail!!

    The main st and sq are open to traffic early and late, so the obvious solution is to make the scoots available only at night.
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    Scooter Trail!!

    Who's liable? First time anyone gets hurt and it will be quietly scrapped. A better idea would be to spend a few quid to fill in the potholes to help cyclists.
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    Stafford Traffic.

    Shurely the 'Motorway Link Rd' was built especially to stop heavy traffic going down Eccleshall Rd?
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    Rugby Club progress...

    Whatever the figures, subjectively the lights look brighter and more intrusive. Why the quick change to LEDs, anyway?
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    Rugby Club progress...

    So you're saying the floodlights weren't on, beaming over the marshes? Still, it's comforting to know that the fire at the old place was nothing to do with you.