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  1. Jonah

    For Sale Gaming headset

    Insmart Pro Gaming Headset for sale. Bought it for use with my PS4 but it’s never been used. It still has the plastic packing on. Cost £26.99 - for sale at £8.00.
  2. Jonah

    For Sale Floor lamp

    Floor lamp for sale, only about 3 months old. Copper and pewter finish. 142cm high, base 23cm diameter, floor switch, head is adjustable. £50
  3. Jonah

    For Sale PS4 Game Days Gone Special Edition

    Used once, in perfect condition, both disks are completely unmarked. The outer cover, steel book and art book are all completely undamaged and in 'like new' condition. £30.00
  4. Jonah

    For Sale Star Wars Lego

    Star Wars Kylo Ren Shuttle, item number 75256 for sale. Brand new in unopened box with original seals still intact. Retail price £99.99. £65.00.
  5. Jonah

    For Sale Apple Watch Sport Band in black

    Fits 42/44mm Watches, SM/ML size so will fit most wrist sizes. Barely used, probably four times at most. £25.00 (Apple price £49)
  6. Jonah

    Free! Jabra Hands-Free Car Kit

    Jabra SP5050 Hands-Free Car Kit ideal for use with an older, non-BlueTooth equipped car. I used this for a couple of years without any problems before I changed car. No paper instructions but I have a PDF manual or you can download one from here >>>...
  7. Jonah

    Free! PS3 Controller Dock/Charger

    Anyone out there still have a PS3? If so, you can gladly have this controller dock/charger. I don't think it has ever been used.
  8. Jonah

    For Sale iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone 7 Plus 128GB in matt black, unlocked to any network. Complete with original box, charger and lightning cable. Slight mark on rear as shown in photo, otherwise perfect, screen unmarked. £350.00
  9. Jonah

    For Sale Jaguar frames

    Jaguar frames Model 36803-8940 54 square 16 145 MfL Performance collection Bought in January, hardly used with plastic demo lenses installed. Perfect for adding your own prescription lenses. Retail price £159.00. Yours for only £50.00.
  10. Jonah

    Help save lives

    I’m guessing there are a few of us over 50 or getting near that age so please would you consider signing this petition started by the charity Balls to Cancer to try and get the government to make Prostate cancer testing mandatory for any man over the age of 50. Balls to Cancer Petition For...
  11. Jonah

    Wanted Car top box and roof rails

    Does anyone know if there is a local place which have these available for hire?
  12. Jonah

    Venice - a few photos...

    Visited Venice to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary so I thought I would share a few photos. There will probably be more added as and when I can process them. Flight to Venice by bigbluewolf, on Flickr Over the Alps by bigbluewolf, on Flickr
  13. Jonah

    Rickerscote Arms/The Alpine

    Is well on the way to disappearing from the Stafford landscape. Not a pub I ever went in though.
  14. Jonah

    For Sale Toy helicopter

    Toy helicopter for sale. Flies well, a good bit of fun or kids or adults, complete with controller, USB cable, instructions and box. Helicopter charges via USB using a charger or your computers USB port. Controller uses batteries which will be left in it so you don't have to buy some straight...
  15. Jonah

    Love cats? New house?

    Err... did the cats eat the owner?
  16. Jonah

    Independent Gas Services

    Went to their shop on Lichfield Road today at 2pm and it was shut. No signs to say it was temporarily closed or closed for lunch. Tried to call them and got an answer machine. Their website is still active. Does anyone know whether it is still trading?
  17. Jonah


    Thinking of buying myself a drone with a HD camera. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? And by thoughts, I mean thoughts about drones and not anything else... yes I'm looking at you Mr Marwood.
  18. Jonah

    Grand Canyon time lapse

    Absolutely stunningly beautiful time lapse video of the Grand Canyon.
  19. Jonah

    Windows 10 clean install

    I have been given an Acer Aspire laptop with Windows 10 installed along with a load of Acer crapware. It's an Intel Core i3 with 8GB RAM, 1TB HD. Is it possible to wipe the hard drive and install a clean and fresh Windows 10 OS without any of the crapware that PC manufacturers insist on putting...
  20. Jonah

    The Last of Us Part II

    Naughty Dog have revealed that The Last of Us Part II is being worked on. Can't wait. The first was an amazing game.