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  1. Wormella

    Early bird breakfasts.

    Apart from the Greengate St. McDonalds - which opens at 6am, where else (if any where) is open for a hot takeaway breakfast at that time in the morning? (If I'm going to the studio in Nottingham I'm typically on the 6:28 train to Stoke)
  2. Wormella

    Stafford LitFest 20th - 22nd May 2022.

    There looks like lots of things happening over the weekend of 20th - 22nd May
  3. Wormella

    Jubilee Weekend 2nd - 5th June 2022

    Can we start a round up of events happening over the weekend?
  4. Wormella

    Bobobo - Bubble Tea.

    Opening soon on Salter Street
  5. Wormella

    No. 3.

    A new venture in the old Natwest Bank. (By Becks and Mark who previously ran the Bankhouse)
  6. Wormella

    Haughton Christmas Lights - 2021.

    Does anyone know if they are in this year??
  7. Wormella

    2021 Christmas Menus

    I know The Swan and Verso have christmas menus up, anywhere else in town (I've got a psudo office christmas meal to book)
  8. Wormella

    Coffee and Kitchen (Bubble Tea) Mill Street

    Via Stafford Herald A bubble tea cafe will soon be opening on Mill Street in Stafford town! The cafe will serve the traditional tea and coffee fare but will also include the Asian ice tea that has spread across the globe! Bubble tea, also called boba tea, uses tapioca pearls to create the...
  9. Wormella

    Free! Grapes

    This is probably about half of them, but my arms got tired. They are mostly ripe and I have enough grape jams / jellies / chutneys / dissapointing home made wine to last me for ever. If they are of interest to anyone for a grape based project please drop me a line.
  10. Wormella

    The Liquor Tank.

    Opposite Verso, was Sweet Coffee shop. It looks pretty close to opening (2nd August according to the facebook page) and it promises cocktails and pizza Felt it deserved it's own thread.
  11. Wormella

    Happy Stafford

    I'm sure this is different metric/ puff piece / usual list that puts stafford as one if the top 10 happiest towns to live in the UK
  12. Wormella

    Breakfast Bagels And Pastries

    More interesting food developments in town: - based at The Island Restaurant, Stafford Welcome to breakfast bagels and pastries, a brand new service taking breakfast to the next level. We arrive bright and early every day, take over restaurant...
  13. Wormella

    Tomo Burger / Alice in Burgerland popup

    This appears to be happening in what was the Bap shop The alice in burgerland event is over 2 days in May
  14. Wormella

    The Square, Stafford.

    It looks like there's new owners and a new Cafe / Bar / Restaurant in what was Pizza Express. It looks like it will be serving pizzas....
  15. Wormella

    Stafford Market to move?

    Stafford indoor market could be moved as part of a major town centre improvement plan Stafford's indoor market could be moved to a new location in the biggest revamp plans for the town centre 'in a...
  16. Wormella

    Scooter Trail!!

    Electric scooter trial launched in Stafford By Jordan Reynolds | Stafford | News | Published: 18 hours ago People in Stafford can now get around town on hired electric scooters as part of a county trial and help to reduce carbon emissions with less car travel. Staffordshire County Council’s...
  17. Wormella

    Fireworks Displays 2020

    I suspect not the first to do this, but probably the earliest ...
  18. Wormella

    Embers Restaurant - formerly Hood Steakhouse.

    Coming soon to St. Mary's mews
  19. Wormella

    Bailey St. / Friars Walk Council Offices

    (Street View link here) So, on the last few trips I've had to go to Tesco and I often walk up Friar's walk and spotted that the county council building has been having lots of work done to it - bars taken off the windows, internal work going on and lots of trades vans at the Bailey street...
  20. Wormella


    We've just come back from a lovely 24hrs in Caernarfon - we left Stafford at 4, drove, got there, had dinner at a great B&B ( The Anglesey Arms if you're ever in Caernarfon) slept, got up early and did the castle, the town, a picnic lunch by the sea and we were home in time for tea. So where...