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    Loud bangs.

    Just gone to walk my dog over Wildwood park and a huge bang went off. I keep complaining to Stafford environmental health but they seem to be ignoring me after initially responding to me. It has been badly set up bird scarers but given the fields seem to be all green shoots now I can't think it...
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    Where's all the gingers?

    No not redheads but the rental escooters? they've all vanished and their website has Stafford on the map but not in the detail section.
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    Electric off-road skateboards over Cannock Chase

    Are they legal over there? saw two guys on them this morning, one was recording 360 footage. Personally I think the last thing we need is loads of idiots racing around the chase on electric vehicles, they can be as fast as motorcycles.
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    Scrotes on mountain bikes

    Just a warning. I was just walking my dog and parked up along Old Croft Road and two youths wearing masks (not so suspicious right now is it?) dressed all in black on black full suspension mountain bikes were looking through the window of my car (presumably for valuables). They came out of the...
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    Greyhound or Sighthound owners.

    Having adopted a rescued greyhound in October I wondered if there were others who would meet up for walks? There are events I go to already, but they're once or twice a month. My dog could do with some socialising and a more confident dog to walk with as I'm having trouble with him getting...
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    Firework free zone?

    Adopted a rescue greyhound and he's getting very stressed out at the fireworks so far. Wondered if there was somewhere quiet I could spend the evening with him when it gets even worse? I don't have my own underground bunker or cellar.
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    Police at Queens shopping centre on Saturday evening

    Something big seemed to be going down. Lots of Police, police dogs etc. I saw a van or two surrounded by Police cars on the entrance slip road to the Queens shopping centre. Anyone know what went down?
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    Bl**dy fireworks

    Second night in a row I've been subjected to fireworks around 10pm. Who is having these displays and why have them so late? In this crazy hot weather people have their windows open, often still open when they sleep and the noise is much worse as a result.
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    Weeping Cross Racetrack

    At least that what it sounds like on an evening. A load of yobbos on motorcycles somewhere around the area. I can't be the only person to notice all these idiots racing around the roads?
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    Dangerous pedestrian crossing

    Has anyone ever been run over or had a near miss at the pedestrian crossing near the old Lloyds Bank (near the Hough retail park)? Only it is a really badly designed crossing, there's only traffic flow signals on the one side, meaning people who rather naughtily wait in the yellow box and then...
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    Housing development near Acton Hill Lane

    An orange planning application document has appeared on some posts near me. It mentions a major development, presumably on fields between Acton Hill Lane and Hazelstrine Lane. Importantly this is listed as a "departure from the local plan"? I couldn't see any other thread about it...
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    Cycling on public footpaths

    Hi all, Cycling on public footpaths is not permitted, except if the local council has a bylaw permitting it. Is this the case for Stafford? I had to stop and move my dogs out of the way of two mountain bikers on a footpath near me and rather than thank me, they expected me to thank them. Now...
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    Tech park empty units

    There seems to quite a few empty units at the moment. Perhaps Stafford's awful record of traffic management and roadworks has taken its toll? The Weston Road near the new school is closing for a week starting 21st August. Which just shows the level of stupidity in Stafford council when it...
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    New signs up at old Police HQ site

    Saw them putting up new "For Sale" signs earlier. I didn't quite clock what it says, but I'm sure it said something about possible retail development site? which would be bit of a departure from the housing that was previously proposed.
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    More roadworks

    As if the North side of town hasn't been hit enough, they're doing more roadworks along the Weston Road near the University. In recent times this means that on my commute i've had: 1. Roadworks for gas. 2. Roadworks to install new roundabout. 3. Roadworks for the new school (ex-Uni library)...
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    Staffs council trying to sell the chase?

    Seems the council are consulting about the future of the Chase and surrounding area. The petition (if you wish to sign it)...
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    Mobile signal in Wildwood/Hillcroft Park

    Is there any chance the situation in this area is going to improve? I moved from Giffgaff (02 network) to Three as I was tired of getting no 3G in and around home. Since the Police HQ mast has been decommissioned I've been getting little or no signal. I've swapped to EE and it's exactly the same.
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    Rolf's in town...

    In Stafford jail according to this article. I wonder who else we have in our prison?
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    Stafford is closed, come back later

    So, with the Beaconside road works and those in the centre of town there's now some lights (for 24 weeks) at the Crematorium traffic lights. So after the hell of the roundabout roadworks previously it was nice to finally use the new left turn lane and no longer suffer the traffic problems in...
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    Postie convention?

    Just driven past Baswich Community hall and there was pretty much every postman in Stafford standing outside, what's going on? strike being planned?