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    Staffordshire Hoard in Stafford in it
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    Worst Band Names Ever!!!

    Answers on a postcard please... I'll start with Chumbawumba
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    What makes you feel manly?

    ideas on a postcode please...
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    Free beer

    no shit... got mine
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    Stafford Prison

    Does anyone know why there are three huge marquees on the roof of Stafford Prison?
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    Free Global Gathering tickets

    Let me know if anyone wants some...
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    Channel 4 presents Taste of Birmingham - Bham, 5-8 July

    I've got four tickets for Taste of Birmingham at Cannon Hill Park this weekend up for grabs. Worth £12 each. Free to the first person who wants em...
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    13 guests online

    don't be shy, get signed up brothers and sisters...
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    Stag do

    Well, in about one hour i'll be heading off on my stag do. don't know where, or what, i'll be doing. wish me luck...
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    how long would it take...

    to read every thread on this forum? admin, can you give us an exact word countage?
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    Wastelands - disco alfresco

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    11,000 post

    this may have passed by unnoticed, but i think i'm the 11,000 poster. can you verify this admin and award me 30 cuffy points. what with cuffy being the new skill and all that.
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    Stafford Tourism

    in the express & star... Town in drive for tourists Tourist attractions and businesses in Stafford are being urged to join forces to boost the number of visitors to the town. Tourism chiefs are arranging a meeting to try and get a definitive "what's on" guide published to ensure Stafford is...
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    Family crests

    what's yours? Here's mine...
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    10,000 poster (and now 20,000th)!

    only 71 posts to go...
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    Stafford Rangers football chants

    now, i aint been to see the rangers for a while but got thinking about what chants can be heard on the terraces of marston road. i had a nose round tinterweb and all i could find was the following. surely will the poetic brilliance of the likes of sofa, mrseed and bumcheeks we can do better than...
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    Fancy Dress at Red – Saturday April 21

    Fancy dress is back and this time it’s Film Stars... come as your favourite big screen character, prizes for the best boy and girl.... When: April 21, from 8pm Where: Red Bar & Lounge, Temple Street, Birmingham Tickets: £3 Red is a 100 capacity basement bar in Birmingham City Centre.
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    if any self publicists out there want to take part in a couple of Q&A's for inclusion in The Birmingham Post fill in anwsers below: TRAVEL Q&A Name: Job: My most recent trip/holiday was to: I was there for... I'm next off to: I always pack: I always forget to take: My dream...
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    In the news...

    Post current affairs here folks... This takes the piss...,,30000-13560266,00.html
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    Celebrity names

    I know loads of people in Stafford that share their name with a celebrity. Anyone else noticed celeb namesakes out and about in the boro'?