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    Can you play flute or drum?

    We started last year as a Corps of Drums and have travelled the length and breadth of the UK and now we are looking for new members. We are looking for people interested in playing flute and drum music from 15th - 21st century though you may have to don a dopey uniform to fit in wi the rest of...
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    Catering Staff Required

    For Christmas Parties and Panto , can you work evenings and weekends, may be a full time job in it for you if you can cut the mustard, email
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    Free Flutes

    Yes, that's what we are looking for to help with Stafford's very own corps of drums band. We desperately need some flutes. So if you used to play one 20 years ago and were thinking of giving it to your mate for the car boot, chuck it over here. Or if you child said they had to have one for...
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    Flute palyers and drummers welcome.

    Stafford Corps of Drums have started the new year rehearsals in the British Legion Building in Eastgate Street, every thursday at 7.30pm. Any Flute, picollo or fife players and drummers welcome. visit us and help us fly the flag at
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    New Addition to Town Centre furniture.

    I was horrified to discover a week ago that the County Council had sited about a dozen or so new grey street lamps in the town centre. There is one bang in the middle of the square, beside the Mr potato man, one outside the Rose and Crown and if you see one, you will spot all the rest. My main...
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    Jobs , Vacancies

    I hear that the Theatre are currently advertising for the following posts. Caretaker - 7am to 11.30am 5 days a week inc every other Saturday Part time House Manager - 20 hours a week, mostly evenings Food & Beverage Supervisor - 37 hours, flexible work pattern, days and some...
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    Professional Catering for your event.

    If you are planning a party with catering or would just like a buffet for a meeting, please consider Gatehouse Catering based at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre. We cater for all events, are very competitive and depending on the service you require, we can travel to anywhere in the West Midlands...
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    Deluxe Chocolate Fountain for Hire

    We have a professional Chocolate Fountain which cost £1600 and would be willing to hire it for £150. The Hire includes an operator for two hours to ensure everthing runs smoothly, five dips each for 60 guests and a full fountain of luxurious Belgian Chocolate. We will travel up to 10 miles...
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    Wanted! Flutes

    Have you any flutes for sale or free to good home? Do you want to swap it for something, I have some home made jam.
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    First Rehearsal was success!

    The Staffordshire Ceremonial Corps of Fifes & Drums successfully held their first rehearsal in the Theatre today, Sunday 14th October 2007. Organised by Major David Keats MBE, there were some ex Army bandsmen, some ex army cadets and some people who were just interested in joining. The first...
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    Beware of Suspected Pervert

    I work in town and have been made aware by my staff of a suspected pervert who sits on the long stay car park, between the public toilets and queensway most evenings. he is in his 50's and drives a grey / silver car, not sure of the make as he drove away very quickly when i approached him. The...
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    Do You suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Dosorder?

    I am not sure whether i do, every Saturday when I ask myself the question, i find myself, writing down all the things i do every day of the week on the back of a 22ft roll of magnolia coloured chipboard wallpaper. Then after writing down lists of chores and tasks with a gold metallic marker...
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    New Polish Stall in Market

    Just wanted to let people know that I bought some cheese at the Polish Food stall in the Market on Saturday. I like to try different foods, wondering if i can find something that I don't like. Unfortunately the cheese was beautiful and will be my downfall. It comes in a carton, like ribena but...
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    Learn to play Traditional Irish Music

    The irish have always been welcome in Stafford and whether its St. Patricks Day or not, Irish Music has played a role in entertaining Staffordions for Hundreds of years. If you are interested in Trad Irish Folk and want to learn Accordion, Flute, Fife or Whistle, I will be running a series of 6...
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    Folk & Roots

    Next evening of fine Folk & Roots will be at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre on Sunday at approx 8.30pm. Bring and Instrument and join in, or just come and watch. Special Offer Freedom Beer (Brewed in Abbotts Bromley) 3 for A FIVER. You also have a chance of winning a bottle of Staffordshire wine...
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    Tesco so clever

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but if you are driving up the newport road, passed the post office approaching the bethany on your right, you can glimpse the side or back of Tesco's building. What an Ugly building it is from the front, but if you look at the colour of the back of...
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    Frank Skinner playing bluegrass

    I can't believe I missed this show the other night, apparently he was learning to play the banjo, being taught by a complete arse, and then went on to get lessons from the all american champion , who happens to be english and turned out to be a realhill billy by the end of the show. Has anyone...
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    Accordion Fund

    Unfortunately my accordion is starting to show the signs of many years of playing, late nights and entertaining people from the streets of Belfast to the shores of the Sow. I have put all my worldly posessions on ebay and amazon and need to raise another £400 towards a new one. If anyone is...
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    My Pc's Knackered!

    speaking of bananas, my pc is knackered, first the mouse and keyboard stopped working, so i replaced them with usb equivalents, then it turns itself on and off when it feels like it. Anyone got any ideas, I just had a new motherboard last Sept so dont wanna spend too much on it. It currently...
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    Stafford Corps of Drums - members wanted

    In a past life I was heavily involved with military style bands and it does wonders for the soul, keeps you out of trouble (depends,) and teaches a certain amount of discipline, something I feel would benefit the adolesents of today. These bands are big in N. Ireland, Scotland, Liverpool and...