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    For Sale 1994 Bmw 318i (e36) 4 Door Saloon - Low Miles

    Manual 4 door saloon in calypso red metallic. Plastic bumper model, with BMW's sturdy M43B18 engine. This has been my run-around for the last 19 months - incredibly reliable and a bit fun too. When I bought the car, although I just needed something cheap and to get from A to B, I still wanted...
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    For Sale 94M BMW 318i (E36)

    4 door saloon in calypso red, plastic bumper model. This has been my tatty but reliable run-around for the last 19 months - incredibly reliable and a bit fun too. I'll post pictures tomorrow if anyone here is interested. +ve: 90k Lots of history 3 Previous Owners Factory alarm and electric...
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    Hot Tub Hire

    I'm looking to hire a hot tub for 3 days, Monday 12th through 14th September. Any recommendations?
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    Locksmith in Stafford recommendations

    Hi, We have a patio door for which we've lost the keys. The existing cylinder lock needs picking/drilling out and replacing. Any recommendations for an affordable locksmith? Thanks A.
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    Product Photography Venue Help

    Hi, I know I've asked this before so please accept my apologies. Client is looking for a new venue for product photographs, similar in quality to the image I've attached. I'd like it to be within 40 minutes drive of Stafford, ideally. It needs to be light, airy, "posh" and contempary. The...
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    Leisurely trip to Brum (with Photos)

    Sorry I've not posted in a while! I have been checking in on you occasionally, but generally been very busy! A little sight seeing and some casual shooting around Birmingham today. Obligatory photo of the Selfridges building: Selfridges, Birmingham by danielcaddenphotographer, on Flickr...
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    Black and White Photos: Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal Bridges

    Hello, Sorry I've not been around much this last few weeks. I've not forgotten about you! I have tried accessing the forum a few times and experienced it timing out.. not sure whether it's me or you! Anyway, beautiful weather so far this week. I've walked the dog along the canal a few times...
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    Do you have a spare cable/DSL router knocking around?

    Hello, I need quite urgently a cable router. Nothing fancy, just so long as it has four Ethernet ports and can be configured to turn DHCP off. Wi-fi not important. Just so long it has a WAN connection that is a standard Ethernet (RJ45) socket, it should do the trick. I need to get the Windows...
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    Computer Bodgers and Tinkerers

    Just wondering how many of you here don't baulk at the idea of using a command prompt or even running Linux instead of Windows? Seems I can't help but mess and do things the hard way just to learn a thing or two.
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    Some Stunning Photos of Stafford

    A good haul of pictures today. It's amazing what I get done procrastinating: Winter Fuel Allowance Chewing the Cud Tree Lined River River Penk Panorama - Day into Night River Penk Sunset River Penk Before Sunset Stafford Castle
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    There's no sleigh this year! (Merry Christmas)

    Santa's finally got his own bus pass! Have a great yule yuletide you lot. Thanks for making me so welcome here too :) Merry Christmas
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    If any of you are interested in a good headshot for use in connection with your business (or for dating websites/avatars) you could do worse than give me a shout. They run from £25 for Stafford Forum Members. This is one I took earlier today for Karen who is a website developer:
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    Pub Recommend Please...

    I'm arranging drinks on Friday night for a networking group - so it needs to be somewhere that's not going to be too rammed/full (big ask on the last Friday before Christmas) I'd reasonable price reasonable beer and a good ambience. And ideally located in/near Stafford Town Centre. Any...
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    Share quotes from famous people that resonate with you. If you can find a picture to go with your quote, even better. If anyone has been to the Beacon Conference Centre on the Tech Park, they might recognise the chain used in this photo:
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    Santa Parade

    Who went along to the Santa parade then? What do we think? Must admit, I was impressed with how festive it felt. It was much bigger in terms of turnout than I expected too. ('s the first time I've been). Just uploading and processing my slew of pictures.
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    Venues for Product Photography

    I need to borrow a leetle local knowledge for this. I have a product shoot next week for some aroma diffusers that need to be in (ideally) a luxury home style setting. A bit like the photograph below. It's not uber big budget stuff, unfortunately. I was fortunate enough to take the picture...
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    Stafford in Pictures

    This is a site I run. If enough people contribute, I'd like to see a picture published everyday depicting Stafford and the surrounding areas. If you are on twitter or facebook, you might like to follow or like:
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    Social Media Terms

    Which are your favourites? I heard two new ones today: Vaguebooking Bashtagging Yours?
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    Christmas Wrapped Up: Family Portrait Gift Vouchers

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm really pleased to say I've got some Family Portrait Gift Vouchers available through my website. They are already half price until the end of November AND Stafford Forum members enjoy an extra 10% discount. Just use the discount code "StaffordForum10"...
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    Movember 2013 Thread

    Okay, so how many of you are going to wind up finishing Movember looking like this? :)